I have a lot of it. I also, finally, have come to terms with it and refuse to apologize for my stashing tendencies. A couple weeks ago (I’m not certain I’ve shared this little tidbit online), Micah dared me to run a report and see how much I’ve spent on yarn at the store (there’s no way of knowing how much I’ve spent outside it, let’s be honest) in the last year. He wanted to know if it was more than a month’s salary. Point of fact, it was more than two. For a (very short) while, I was completely mortified by this. How could I have let my spending get so completely out of control?

Until I shared this embarrassing morsel with coworkers, family and friends, whose replies were thus:

“Yeah, but you don’t have to pay rent! If I didn’t have to pay rent, I’d spend at least that much on yarn.”
“You’re stashing for when you do have to pay rent, it’s only practical.”
“You’re a professional knitter. You work at.  A. Yarn. Store.” To which Opus gave one of her Looks.
“You’re a designer. You can’t design without yarn.”
“At least you’ll actually use it.” (This one came from my father)

So, after a week, I readjusted mentally and decided that to Hell with it – it’s my money and I can bloody well spend it on what I want. So neider, neider, neider. Of course, after coming to terms with all this, I also realised how immense my stash will be once it is actually amassed in one place.  Cue some slight internal terror.  But (deep breath), I’ve been slowly collecting it all (there’s a lot in the garage as of yet) and organizing it in the SCU.

To prove this, here’s a terrible photo of the Stash Containment Unit doing it’s job (sort of)

I’ve added to the SCU since this photo was taken last night, but it was impossible to get a decent photo today.  Oh well. But, after sorting all this yarn, I’ve realised a few things. One, I’m a bit of a brand groupie for certain brands. I have a TON of ShibuiKnits, Rowan, Habu Textiles, Handmaiden/ Fleece Artist, and Isager. I also own enough yarn for FIVE full sweaters (actually, seven – no, eight-  when I can locate the rest of the stash), two colorwork vests and a sh!tload of lace shawls. My goodness.  I think I need to back off of the Big Project purchasing for awhile.

Anyway.  That was the news I was too embarrassed to share.  But now that the stash is coming out in a very public way, I might as well confess all.  It might even make me pause then next time I think I simply must have this yarn.

Next.  I have a project I made for the store and it’s a beaut, if I do say so myself.  A Bamboo Porom:

Bamboo Porom

Made with Habu Textiles XS-32, a DK-weight 100% bamboo yarn that is just glorious.  In fact, I might want to marry this yarn.  It’s dangerous.  I already have 4 skeins of the XS-45 (see? stash organization is helping my memory), which is XS-32’s lace-weight older sibling.  This is a dangerously seductive family, beware, beware!

And, finally, the last of my handknitting news – my official descent into madness: Ruth Sorensen’s Elderflower Skirt.  Now, I have long mocked handknit skirts (they tend not to flatter most, if not all, wearers and stretch out alarmingly fast), but I just couldn’t resist this project.  I have lusted for the yarn (Handmaiden’s Flaxen in “Pumpkin”) for so long I can’t remember working at the store and not wanting it (that’s over a year of unrequited lust, people!).

The problem?  Copper is not a color I can wear next to my face.  So that meant anything worn on the torso, head, or neck was immediately O.U.T.  So, somehow, I have half-managed to convince myself that knitting a skirt with this yarn is The Solution I have been looking for:


Now, make notice of how I wrote “half” in that last sentence.  Part of me knows that this is a very, very, VERY bad idea.  But the rest of me maintains hope that somehow, some way, this will work out.  And gloriously.  Right.  I’ve waffled back and forth on a daily basis and haven’t let myself touch in for nearly two weeks (I have a snood, two pairs of sock designs, and have had several store samples due).  But, soon, all too soon, it’ll be picked back up and maybe even finished before I realise my personal insanity.

At least it’ll be fun until it ends.

In non-knitting news, I have a ton of photos from experimenting with my new(ish) camera and it’s macro-lens today.  First, white jasmine from our backyard:

white jasmine

Which seems to be flourishing in spite of our ignorance.

Then, this afternoon, Mum and I made a trip to the Rhododendron Garden.  Wow.  It was worth a trip.  Whomever their master gardiner is, s/he knows what they’re doing.  The layout, the paths, the plants, everything was so well-designed it was amazing.

wildflowers (I’ve forgotten what kind)


water falls over rocks and moss

small rapids

and isn’t this perfect?

picture perfect

There were Cherry & Magnolia trees in bloom everywhere.  The scent was intoxicating.

(sigh)  I think I might need to get a membership.

It’s past 10:30, I think I might just need to get ready for bed.  Toodles.


  1. You call that a “stash”??? It all fits in one little cabinet and a couple of baskets???? Pffft . . . Amateur! Mine (both yarn and spinning fiber) requires an entire room of its own. Last time I counted, there were 14 of those 60 quart plastic storage bins and 6 cardboard file storage boxes, plus at least 6 large paper LYS shopping bags, some plastic shopping bags, and at least 3 plastic trash bags that were holding fleece needing to be processed. No need to tell DH about this. Really, he doesn’t need to know. . . .

  2. I have a ton of yarn too. It was acquired when I was managing a yarn store while I was in college, and had a pretty good discount. When I came home from college for breaks, I worked at another yarn store and I was paid in yarn. I dragged all of that yarn up to Portland when I moved here from San Diego, and felt like I had a pretty ridiculous stash.

    But it took me a long time to find a job in Portland, and even longer to have extra spending money. I haven’t bought very much yarn since I moved here, and my stash has become much smaller (nevermind that spinning and weaving things started popping up).

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