… because:

  1. 7 news skeins of yarn mysteriously appeared in the stash this weekend.  It’s all Opus’ fault. Seriously.  Blame her.
  2. The Sock Club sock pattern was due, oh, 4 days ago.  I might have made that deadline had I not ripped out the sock about 4 times now.  I’ve yet to throw it at the wall, but it’s a near thing.  This yarn is in even more trouble than I am.
  3. The ShibuiKnits pattern is not done.
  4. Nor are the socks for the pattern.
  5. An eCard is scheduled to be sent out this Friday but a subject has yet to be determined.
  6. The overwhelming desire to knit something not due last week is slowly weakening my defenses against Start-itis.
  7. My new Crackberry is thwarting every attempt I make to check my voicemail.  If you’ve called me and left a message within the last week – send me an email, for the love of wool.

I’m sure there’s good news to be had, but it’s rather elusive at the moment.  Maybe next time.

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