Oh, dear.  I’m suffering from some guilt here.  I love the Percy Shawl I’m working on, honestly.  And I really, really, really love the yarn.  I do.  But I also really, truly, madly and deeply love this project, too:

Girasole in progress

Jared Flood’s Girasole shawl. It’s addictive in the worst way – the pattern changes every 20 rows or so (sometimes even less) and it’s just so easy, yet cool! The yarn is making matters worse. I have to admit that it was love at first sight, the Hojlandsgarn and I. I mean, really, Shetland lambswool? Spun in Scotland? I was a goner from the start. A Greek sailor would have had better odds against a Siren.

I only started this beast* four days ago and I’m nearly through the first 300 yard ball of yarn.

This thing is dangerous.

In other knitting news… well, I have no knitting news since The Beast (I’m starting to like this name) is greedy with my time and very jealous of my attention.  I have not so much as looked at another project in days and I’m beginning to feel guilty of abandonment.  I suppose I’m lucky WIPs can’t file lawsuits over neglect or indicted for criminal negligence.

Anyway, maybe I can finally brush my teeth and go to bed.  The bathroom with my toothbrush (and there are three in this house!) has been continually occupied for the past hour and a half, so going to bed hasn’t been an option.

It’s almost a shame I can’t photo-document this phenomenon because I actually just stopped typing for a few minutes to knit on The Beast.

I am in so much trouble.

*1200 yards and a knit-on edging, don’t tell me it isn’t one – as pretty and sweet as it may seem, I know there are dark times ahead**
** I HATE knitted-on edgings.  I would actually rather crochet than knit-on an edging.  And that says a lot.

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