Let’s seee…  I’ve managed to track down some of the stuff previously lost.  But, because even more has happened since then, here’s the condensed version.

A taste of Sock Summit:

There was also handspinning and carding with Patrick:

Then, I finished my Girasole on Friday night.  Now I just need to block it…  I would have yesterday, but Mum kidnapped me (and I, in return, kidnapped Opus) and took us on an Oregon Coast road trip that lasted all day, but was completely awesome and worth all the driving (and waking up at an ungodly hour).

It’s the first real “away” time I’ve had from Portland in awhile.  We started out at just after the break of dawn (I hate waking up before 7 am on a Saturday!) and made it to the Coast before noon (with several rest stops & breakfast in between). Some highlights…

First we hit Agate Beach, which was blanketed in traditional Oregon Coast weather (non-Oregonians read: cool and misty):

Agate Beach

where Mum was keen to see the fossilized whale vertebrae we’d found last time (over 5 years ago, now):

Fossilized Whale Vertabra

whereupon Opus and I went off into the crags to investigate the many tide pools and their inhabitants

Opus investigates

and I waded in deep to take an “artistic” photo of the traveling sock to put up in the twitterificsock contest (not to actually enter, since I’m already a member of the Club.  But to spark some creativity.  Seriously, peeps, think about it!):


Of course, a giant wave came in right after and soaked me well above where I’d rolled my jeans legs up:


Which amused Mum and Opus to no end.

But Mum made up for laughing at my misfortune later when, as I was introducing the Sock to a group of purple starfish and the yarn made a leap for freedom and started floating off to sea, she literally threw herself into the water to get it.

If I’m a knitaholic, she’s definitely my co-dependent. (This devotion might be explained by my recently finishing two pairs of socks for her, which I cannot show off as ShibuiKnits has bought the patterns!)

After that, all more than slightly damp, we drove North to see some of the most magnificent coastline you’ll ever find. Otter Crest:

Otter Crest Loop (1)

And the Devil’s Punchbowl (I think, I rather lost track):

Somewhere on the Oregon Coast

We hunted awhile for sand dollars, but gave up instead opting to find civilization (translation: coffee and a bathroom to change into dry clothes). After changing, and drinking the best pomegranate Italian soda ever, the Sock got to see the scenic Historic Newport Waterfront…

Sock in Newport

When we discovered that the Oregon Coastal Aquarium was closed early, Opus and I opted to wander around the waterfront while Mum napped in the car. We found some excellent salt water taffy, delicious homemade chocolate truffles and some beautiful handmade jewelry.

Finally, we ended up at The Sea Hag in Depoe Bay, where we had an amazing fresh-caught meal.  Well, Opus and I had halibut – Mum opted for a salad (she ate too many of the truffles we found in Newport).  But, wow, if you’re ever in Depoe Bay, try this place out.  It may look a bit, ah, unfortunate from the outside but it’s well worth braving.  This place isn’t just you’re traditional fish’n’chips shack – I had the most amazing baked halibut in a garlic & white sauce (I could swear it floated above the plate).  And the freshly grilled vegetables?  Lovely!

Then, finally, we began the three-hour trip home. I’m sure you can understand why I didn’t take any photos of that.

I think, mostly, this brings the blog up-to-date, if not entirely detailed.  I still haven’t blocked my Girasole (spent most of today recovering from hiking on wet sand and climbing over slick and barnacled stones).  But I’m going to try to tomorrow, whilst and at the same time* dyeing up some samples for my upcoming Kitchen-Safe Dyeing class.  I somehow offered/ agreed** to teach several classes at the store this fall and now I need samples.

I wish I had more knitting photos to share, but the last THREE pairs of socks I designed were snatched up (quite literally) by ShibuiKnits.  Oh, well.  I’m working on some other Top Secret designs, but can’t show them off either.  Kind of lame and boring from the blog’s perspective, I know.

But, as I don’t have to work tomorrow, I’ll try and post again with photos of my Girasole blocking and my dyeing samples.  I’m not promising anything, though.  Mum’s just as likely to kidnap me tomorrow and drive up to… well, Heaven only know’s where.

Until next time, night night!

*I <3 the Muppets!
**Temporary madness, clearly.

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