Aside from doing boring things (like laundry and cleaning the kitchen and stuff like that), I managed two important things today. One, blocking my girasole:

blocking a girasole

Which was achieved with 2 pieces of 40″ x 60″ foam core (duct-taped together on the 60″ sides) and 200+ quilting pins. And what a back-ache ensued as I spent almost an hour bent over it, carefully pinning each little point of the knitted-on edging.

And, two, I made up several samples for my Kitchen-Safe Dyeing class. Of course, since we don’t drink Kool-Aid (or use food coloring) in this house, I had to make a trip to WinCo to get the requisite “dyes”…

the ingredients for kitchen dyeing

Then, as a matter of pride, I set up my little crockpot (it’s actually a rice steamer… don’t ask) in my kitchen and set to dyeing up some wool.

kitchen safe dyeing

Which worked very well (I think), but Mum and Emmett have both complained about the smell. Again, not a Kool-Aid household. So I set up some fans and the tutti-frutti smell should dissipate by morning.

I hope. I’ll never hear the end of it otherwise.

In the end, though, they both agreed it was worth the weird smell (really weird, all told) when they saw the yarn and roving I’d dyed:

handdyed with kool-aid

The picture is horrible, I know. It was nearly dark when I’d finished, so the colors are way off. I’m hoping to knit (and spin) up some swatches of each sample so my students can see the dyeing product and how it looks “finished”. Which is why I set about dyeing the stuff now, even though my class is in November.

Provided I don’t fall into a time warp or something equally extreme, I might just make my deadline.

Don’t laugh.

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