Today might have been one of those days where one feels like one didn’t really get much done (despite evidence to the contrary), but at least I got Lindsay to model my Girasole for me…

Girasole (back)

A shawl that has garnered more gasps and exclamations in one day than I’ve heard in a month. But at least I’ve won everyone over on the Hojlandsgarn. I love this yarn. Love it, love it, love it. Shetland lambswool, milled in Scotland?

Girasole (side)

How can you not, really? And, for these reasons, I actually have, uh, 10 balls (in four colors) of it in my stash. It’ll get knit up, never you fear.  I haz great and wonderful plans for it.

Anyway. Project specs…

  • Yarn: Isager Hojlandsgarn (4 balls in “Sage Blue”).
  • Pattern: brooklyntweed’s Girasole shawl
  • Needles: 4mm/ US 6 DPNS, 24″ & 36″ circulars
  • Notes: Except for the circular cast-on, I actually (no, really!) followed the pattern faithfully.  Probably for the first and last time.

And… lastly, here’s a photo of Lindsay I had to play with because she looked so much like something from a time-warp (and it was unbelievably blown out)…

Girasole (silly b&w)

Just because.


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