Beginning to lose track of what happened when.  Must be the sleep deprivation.  (joking)

Let’s see.   The day before yesterday, Mum and I went into the Gorge, intent on finding lovely fruit, local yarn*, and panoramic vistas**.  Oh, and local mobile art.  Mum’s very big into that.  Some highlights:

Antique light
Cool curly antique light fixture at the DFG Vanhorn factory.

Impaired Side
“Impaired Side” next to obsolete tracks.

Hungry cria
Cuddly alpacas. Or, rather, hungry alpacas that put up with being petted in return for food.

Then, yesterday, I met with Sandy B for breakfast and she very happily showed off her (unblocked) Girasole:

SB's Girasole

Made with ShibuiKnits Sock in “Finch”, it’s intended to be a baby blanket for an soon-to-be-born baby. Good job, Sandy! It’s going to be just gorgeous when it’s blocked.

Then, after several loads of laundry and some cleaning, I met up with the ladies of The Yarnovers (the Knit Purl lace group), whereupon I rather forced Opus to show off her beautiful Halloween KAL shawl (don’t ask):

Finished shawl
(okay, my photography skills suck)

blurry closeup
(and a [very blurry] close-up)

I also got Leslie to help Opus hold it up, but none of those photos came out at all. The point’n’click and I are having some issues. Oh, well.

Anyway, that’s the past two days – severely condensed, to be sure.  I’ve got to go now and do some ironing (yeah, at 11:30pm), since I don’t really have any shirts for tomorrow…  toodles!

*Okay, that was me
**Yeah, fell short.  Sorry ’bout that.  It was a quite pretty lavender farm, though.

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