And I’m just too lazy to go upstairs and get the power cord right now.

Today was the Portland Race For The Cure. As always it started at what felt like the break of dawn (ick, 5 hours of sleep). Opus and I met at Peet’s, grabbed some caffeine to go (thank the heavens for cambric tea) and walked briskly over to the Waterfront to meet out team. Luckily for us (though not according to them), we missed the team photoshoot. Darn.

Then we lined up at the starting line for the 1K walk (I might have registered us for the 5K, but I didn’t get a choice – it being an OHSU team and all…), and I made Opus hold up her traveling sock:

Socks at the starting line

I had mine out to photograph before I realised that I couldn’t take a photo of it – it’s Top Secret. Oy. In the meantime, I contented myself with taking random pictures. Specifically of a participant’s back, just so I could prove that over 51,000 people were congregating in downtown Portland:

51,000 plus

(the OHSU team was in the upper 12,000 range)

Opus was floored to discover (as we were waiting) that the Portland Race For The Cure is the 3rd largest in the world (and the largest on the West Coast). I wasn’t too surprised, because I remembered hearing something similar last year, but still… 51,000+ people is a lot of people.

Anyway. I, of course, made Opus hold up her socks for the Finish Line…

Socks at the finish line

I mean, how could I not? I’m sure she thought I was crazy, but that’s par for the course. After escaping the throng (that many thousands of people definitely counts as a throng!), we headed into NoPo to visit a knitting store we’d never been to, Close Knit.

Socks at Close Knit

(there is a traveling sock there, I swear)

Which, I have to say, I loved. It really looked and felt like the knitting store I’d set up, if I ever went mad and decided to do that to myself (I work at a knitting store, I know how much work it is!). It was really quirky and quaint and I loved the old recycled, well, everything. Very fun.

Okay, (sigh), my laptop battery just died and I had to rummage around and find a power cord.  One would think this means I have time to blog more in depth, but the lasagne just came out of the oven, I’m hungry, and this looks good enough.  Tomorrow night is “No Mean Feet!”, if you live in PDX, I’ll hope to see you there!

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