Have been fighting a losing battle against a migraine since Friday afternoon.  Finally getting auras tonight.  Was going to update the blog (so much to blog about!), but can’t bear the thought of looking at a computer screen for an hour or more.  I’ll try tomorrow night.  Keep your fingers crossed that my doc called in my refill so I can say goodbye to this migraine!

Until laters, check out the earless, legless and armless monster:


Who actually now has ears and legs (albeit not attached).

For this little girl. I know thebon has already knit something for her (awesome Oregonians unite!); but, if you have time (and needles and yarn – preferably purple or pink), could you maybe consider knitting her something? Just a thought. Pardon the attempt at guiltness.

I promise that there will be cool postiness in the future.  Gawd, can you totally tell I have a horrendous headache that is impairing my vocabulary functions?

(…Did that even make sense??)

P.S.  If you have sent me a message recently and I still have not answered it, I am not ignoring you.  Honest.  You should see the backlog I am attempting to overcome.  Please be patient with me!

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