It’s quite nice to be able to feel good about oneself.  Especially during the cold and grey month of January.  This month has been particularly hard – trade shows and yarn crawls and 6-day work weeks tend to wear one down so quickly.  But I have survived and even have some progress to show, in spite of it.

Now, admittedly, my first pat-myself-on-the-back item isn’t exactly finished.

Or, well, even started, to be honest.  I have swatched, however, and claim some form or another of achievement for that.  Behold, soon-to-be Socks for Tika:

Socks-to-be for Tika

I wanted to go with machine washable and purple and snuggly, so Cascade 220 Superwash on US 4’s seems perfect.

Getting a gauge of 6.5 sts per inch.  Not bad, right?  I was thinking of whipping up a quick, no fuss, chemo/ hospital sock pattern.  D’you think anyone would be interested?  Maybe with child, young adult, woman s/m, woman l/ man s, man m/l sizes.  Sound good?  It’d be good practise for me…

Of course, my next item of business is the Pinurple Penelope, a handknit monster for Tika:

Pinurple Penelope

See the link above for more information, all readily available in my ravelry journal.  Gawd, I love ravelry.  It’s just magic :)

Next, on my list of accomplishments is the Socks for Shibui, which I can’t show you, sorry. But, rest assured, they are awesome.  Or so my peeps tell me, so hopefully they’re not lying to spare my feelings…

Instead, I offer this humble stand-in in their place:

Sock meets Girasole

Lattice Sock (sorry, my creativity does not extend to colorful or clever names).  Being knit with Casbah (yum) in the delicious color “Fleur”.

And, finally, my last accomplishment is a myriad assembly of numbers, numbers, and more numbers. One, I am very close to closing in on a final P & L for the Web business.  Yes, it is excruciatingly boring, but I did agree to take it on when I became the head of Web.  In fact, “excruciating” doesn’t even come close to describing the mind-numbing, eye-bleeding cacophony of stupor that is working out a P & L.

For those of you so very lucky to not know what a P & L is, it stands for Profit and Loss and is the entire budget for my part of the business for the next year.  Down to the gnat’s eyebrow.  Everything from payroll to insurance to utilities to rent to various and sundry others as well as cost of goods sold and marketing.  Just… shudder.  But I am so very, very, tantalizingly close to being DONE.

Also, in the realm of numbers, and this is a real achievement – I just discovered today that over FIVE THOUSAND knitters have downloaded my Offset Wraplan pattern (seriously!) on ravelry, and over 400 knitters have made/ are making it.  Wow.  Those are some serious numbers, especially for a free pattern that I have never made any attempt to promote!

Quite cheering, really.  And one last number?  3.

Yes, 3.  The number of sts that should be knit at the end of rnd 4 of the collar.  I discovered this tonight as I answered a knitter’s enquiry.  So, beware that the pattern has been edited (if you are one of the many knitters who has downloaded, but not knit, the Offset Wraplan).  To get a new revised copy of the pattern:

download now

In unrelated, but Good, news: bright Pheobus has returned to Portland for a short visit.  In Oregon, it is quite rare to see the sky in winter.  Seriously, we can go weeks without sunlight (it’s absolutely and utterly depressing and no surprise, honestly, that Oregonians are at the highest risk of Vitamin D deficiency).  So, you can imagine my complete shock over the fact that we’ve had TWO sunny days in the space of a single week…

And... more blue sky!!

I took a photo to prove it.  I figured no one (outside of Portland) would believe it.  Especially not Eugenians (they know better!).  Maybe it’s some sort of cruel and bitter cosmic joke that has yet to be revealed; but, for now, I shall be happy.

As I hope are you.

And, really, that’s all I feel up to sharing tonight.  So much has been happening, but I just don’t have the energy (or time – I need to go to bed soon!) to blog further.  It seems that the Nemo Mitt pattern is almost ready for posting, but that will have to wait until the next update.  Hopefully I’ll have more interesting news then.  But don’t get your hopes up!

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  1. I found your blog through the Yarn Harlot. I clicked on a link from an old post and saw your pinurple Penelope and squealed just a little to myself. I found the pattern on Ravelry (LOVE Ravelry) and now I might have to make a little monster for myself.


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