No, that is not a recognized word.  Eh.  If you are one of the many many people who have sent me a message about my last post, thank you.  I swear I will answer all y’all :)

Today was a weird day (don’t ask), but I was crossing the Morrison Bridge this evening and thought that the view was so pretty that I snapped a quick shot with my crackberry:

Portland sunset

Not bad, right?

Unfortunately, the sock photo I took earlier (with the same crackberry camera) didn’t come out as well. Sad. I’ll have to make an effort to take a better photo tomorrow. But here are Tika’s socks:

Socks for Tika


  • Yarn: Koigu PPPM in P814D
  • Pattern: made it up
  • Needles: 2.5mm/ US 1.5
  • Method: toe up, short-row/ hourglass heel

I have to share a secret with you – I am absolutely addicted to Powell’s City of Books.  I go there two or three times a week.  Now, many people will tell you that they never find anything ‘good’ there, but I have found the following books in hard cover for substantially less than what you find on Amazon:

  • A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (yes, hard cover) by Barbara Walker
  • A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker
  • The Celtic Collection by Alice Starmore
  • Fisherman’s Sweaters by Alice Starmore
  • Meg Swansen’s Knitting
  • Knitting Languages by Margaret Heathman
  • Knitting In the Nordic Tradition (squee!) by Vibeke Lind
  • Nordic Knitting by Susanne Pagoldh

The last two I’m particularly excited about because most of the patterns are based off of extant pieces in museums across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark or off of traditional patterns that date back (in come cases) two to three hundred years!  (It’s true, my nerdiness knows no bounds)

I really, really want to make the traditional Setesdal pullover shown in Nordic Knitting.  I’m hoping I can convince Kristin, the Fair Isle freak at work, to do a KAL with me.  I’m not so sure about the embroidered cuff and collar, but to make it accurate I might just give in.

Also, new obsession?  We just received the April 2010/ Issue 17 of the British magazine The Knitter and, of course, I immediately fell in love with this:

Celtic Leaves by Judy Furlong.  I want, want, want, want, want to make this.  Something about all the crazy techniques and stitch patterns together in one shawl is just tempting me.  But I can’t figure out what yarn to use.  The recommended yarn is just plain strange.  Any ideas?

And now it’s 9pm and I’m starving and need to eat some dinner.

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  1. i love powells too. actually they’re shipping me a box of sff books right now. ;)

    powells so much more organized than my local Strand. however, I’m ignorant, does powells have ARC’s (book proofs) ? Strand have gone up… 97cents and now they’re 1.99!

    i also have the japanese used bookstore, book-off … however they’re moving several and they’ve been closed for several weeks and i’m going through withdrawal. they reopen next week.

    at strand i’ve gotten a few good books including one e wanted that amazon said was $75 for all of $7.25. in the crafts department: walker’s third & my pride and joy, this edition of knitting w/o tears: as hard cover. with the page numbers on the proper sides. ;) i’m looking for walker #2 ….

    anyway, what a beautiful sky. aren’t crackberry’s “fun” at when they allow life to be beautiful (great photo, import info, &c) and when they’re a royal… *ahem* (most of the time).


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