I just realized that it’s all my fault that the weather is acting like it’s February and not May.  It’s because I got a head-start on my summer knitting this year and have already finished one linen sweater (admittedly the blue sweater of doom from two years ago), cast on two others (halfway through both) and am making headway on the previously deadlocked Elderflower skirt.

My breath actually froze as I walked to the bus stop tonight (40F!!).  If I had simply cast on a huge Aran sweater a month ago, it’d be 8oF out there right now :P

Oh, well.  Here’s one of the sweaters I’m slowly making progress on (amid the Shibui Sock book – so close to the finish line! – and other Mystery Projects):

Liesl IP

Liesl, by cocoknits. LOVE IT (so far, the Fates are wicked cruel). The yarns are a strange mix (see my updated ravelry notebook for more). One thing I’m a bit mixed over is the side pockets:

Liesl pocket closeup

I guess we’ll have to wait and see (about the pockets, not the weather).

I’m thinking of maybe casting on a bulky Aran jacket or something this weekend – it’ll probably get warm outside just as I get hooked, right?  Could work…  And, even if it doesn’t, at least I’ll have a lapful of wool to keep me toasty.

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  1. Hee. This isn’t even abnormal Oregon May weather though! Final frost date for Eugene is May 15th, so lows in the high 30s isn’t that abnormal at all! Heck, three years ago, we didn’t get 70+ temps on a regular basis until after the end of June, remember?

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