Sleep is elusive.  Gonna try and go to bed early tonight.  In the meantime, I wanted to share the socks I made for Tika.  They actually fit and she did wear them in the hospital (as intended, poor thing).  The pattern will be published by Shibui Knits next month:

Tika's Socks (1)

Yarn: Koigu PPPM 814D
Pattern: Tika’s Socks (forthcoming)
Needles: US 1.5/ 2.5mm

I was going to post it as a free pattern on the blog, but Shibui needed a pattern in a hurry, so I’ll have to work on my pattern writing skills with something else. That said, I’m working on formatting the Nemo Mitts pattern and writing up a new sock pattern – two… no, three, actually, and looking for some sample knitters. One will be the sock shown on the header above. Another is a custom cable and is sorta like my Absinthe socks and the third is, well, fun. Gimme an email – fyberduck(at)gmail(dot)com – if you’re interested (and specify the pattern/s you want to test). Please give me until the weekend to respond, as I am completely inundated now (I have… ah, 217 new messages… woot).

In good news, I am so darn close to being finished with the Sock Book. 10 patterns have been written, tech edited, and are now being sample knit. So much fun. Whoo. But, so, so, so close to the finish line now.  I can almost taste it.

Lastly, didn’t get to go to Cirque de Soleil last week. Oh, no. Mum plead out at 5:30 pm (PT), which left me an hour and a half until seating to try and convince them to let me make an exchange – despite the “no exchanges or refunds” clause ON THE TICKET in bold print. Yay.

Luckily, I managed to get Quebec on the phone (after navigating a phone menu recorded in Quebecois French), explained the situation in the most pitiful terms – my Mum, a nurse, had contracted the flu from a patient and this was her Mother’s Day gift – so, they let me move our tickets around. We’re scheduled to go on Saturday, and I’ve informed Her Nibbs that there will be no exchanges or refunds if she cancels this time, because the Cirque leaves town this Sunday!

Gawd help me.

What do we think? Even odds she’ll go?

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