Working on the introduction to my booklet now.  Gawd, I feel like I’m neck-deep in BS.  Oh,well.  Lots is happening and soon this will be done.  I think, having weathered this, I am actually up for writing my own book.  I have an idea.  Bear with me.

If you are one of the two dozen (or more, and gawd I wish I was joking) knitters who has emailed me in the past week or so, please please please be patient with me as I sort through your test knitting requests.  I’m working on four patterns here and have more text knitters than I know what to do with – not including the sample/ test knitters for my booklet and the other Shibui work I’m doing.  I’m really sorry it’s taking me so long, but I swear I’m not ignoring you!

But, to prove I have been working (honest, it’s been nuts here!), I have some sneak peeks of the two forthcoming Shibui booklets (Luxury & Socks – Socks is mine) that I’ve been approved to share:

Luxury & Socks

The yellow socklets are mine.  I designed them to be like these awesome lacey Ped things I haven’t been able to buy since I first found ’em…

Anyway.  I’ll be back later this week with more.  Honest.  I might even have an update on the four patterns that are forthcoming…  Maybe.  Fingers crossed, anyway.


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