You ever have one of those days (or weeks) when nothing seems to be working right?

Gah.  My Ptarmigan is not turning out too well.  In fact, I’ve run out of yarn, with 20 rows to go.  Woot.

I did get started on my Project, but the interwebs are so slow it’s impossible to get anything done.  I’m trailing behind schedule on my patterns.  Sorry, guys. MS Suite has decided that it is an illegal copy and won’t let me in.  I’m going to try and open everything with Open Office… tomorrow.  How is it 10 pm already?

I think I’m going to give up on achieving anything tonight.  The washing machine and computer and google and just about everything are fighting me here.  (sigh)

But, so I don’t leave you with nothing, here’s another sneak peek from my upcoming booklet:

Ainsworth Socks

I’ll try and do better later.  If you’re one of the knitters who’s volunteered to test knit for me, look for an email later this week – once I beat MS Office into submission.  Or something :)

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  1. What are you doing this week? We should hang out and knit one night? Or get drinks. Or both.

    I’m trying to finish the edging on my Aeolian shawl before BSG. Are you going to that? I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be there, because it’s the same weekend as Pride (and 50 million other things).

    Anyway, I have a new phone number (and I lost my phone, so I have no one else’s numbers). It is 503 724 3585. I finally have an Oregon area code!

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