But it IS a recovery, at least. Also in the “good news” column, I just received two more images from Shibui to share – from my upcoming booklet:

Shibui Socks: Belmont

Belmont Socks. Inspired by Elizabethan stockings, they feature a cabled clock and the pattern even comes with a knee-high version that follows traditional Elizabethan stocking shaping :) I’m real proud of these. Especially since I came up with them drugged to the teeth during that monster mystery bug last December. Then we have…

Shibui Socks: Hawthorne

Hawthorne. Inspired by the Hawthorne District (one of my favorite haunts in Portland). I gotta say (and I know I’ve said it before, but…), Jenny takes some awesome photos.

I, however, don’t. But I’m gonna share them anyway! Here we have a new mystery sock I’m working on:

Marine mystery

Well, the yarn.  For a friend (the socks, not the yarn). But that’s all hush-hush. While Opus and I sat and stitched yesterday, I figured all y’all might be interested in how I’m slowly hobbling around lately:

Walking Brace of Doom

With the Walking Brace of Dooom.  That Sandy Kay pulled out of the closet for me.  Bless her.  It still hurts to walk, but this thing makes it possible to walk without twisting or turning my ankle.  Even with it, though, I can’t walk around for more than an hour or two (together) a day.  Oh, well.

Ah, chocolate

Chocolate makes everything better, though.  Specifically, mint-chocolate milkshakes.  Takes the pain right away.

How did it get to be 8:25pm already?  Dinner’s in the oven, baking away, and I’m trying to remember what I was going to blog about.  Oh, well.  I hope this isn’t an entirely too boring post!

Actually, now it’s 8:45 and I’ve eaten.  Time flies.  Gotta go and fold laundry.  That ought to be fraught with excitement.  Right.  Toodle-oo!

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  1. The milkshake and where its sitting looks like the inside of a Moonstruck Chocolate. Well it reminds me of the one at Beaverton Town Center anyway. Pretty socks! Hope your ankle feels better soon.

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