The proof for Shibui Socks arrived from the publishers today (finally – and, sorry, no photo!) and it’s exciting to me how real it looks.  Wow.  I can’t wait for the real booklets to come in.  Especially since, mwhahahahahaha, I managed to get ALL the patterns up on ravelry

Including the #3 pattern, Sellwood.  Named so after one of my favorite Portland neighborhoods.  I really have to make a pair of these for myself.  They’d be so cute in little clog Mary Janes!

Anyway.  Life has been absolute CHAOS here.  Lindsay, whom I may just strangle though I love her dearly, abandoned us to go with her family to Hawai’i for 10 days.  That means I’ve been doing my job (which is already enough work for 3 people, in all honesty) and HERS, too.  I’m going to keel over any minute now.  Several days last week I stayed to 8 pm or later.

Not the best for personal morale, I’ll admit it.  But I did get to play with a little doggy this weekend, which was a boost.

Meet CC (a.k.a. Cupcake), Leslie’s house guest.  So cute!  For those of you interested, CC is a schnauzer and mini poodle mix.

Then, let’s see, I’ve been arranging a vay-cay with Opus and with my sister (two separate mini vacations to take place during my one week off, t-minus 10 days…).  Though I am so sorely tempted to say “$#% it!, I’m going to Hawai’i!”, because I just got an email from – there’s $150 flight from Portland to Honolulu right now…  Sooooo tempting.  Or, it would be if I wasn’t still wearing the Boot of Doom.

And, yes, I am.  My ankle is better, but not better enough to go without it… yet.  My patience is wearing thin.

{{Just searched dates on Alaska Air and if I go in September it’s $133 each way.  Okay, I might just break.  That’s just a little too tempting.  Anyone want to join me?}}

…But I won’t be wearing the Boot of Doom in September.  Hah.   Even more reason to book that flight.  Hrm…

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  1. I ♥ book proofs. :)

    when did the new theme appear? looks good! (I still owe you site work don’t i?)

    i am in awe of those flight prices. and a week off. you
    deserve it and may you have an absolutely complete recovery.

    i look forward to your book.

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