I’ve been trying to post for a couple of days now, but The Squirt (a.k.a. Mowgli):

Mowgli (cover shot)photo courtesy green chair studio

Gets so fascinated by my laptop that it soon becomes impossible to type because he’s standing on the keyboard and blocking the screen. I love him to bits, but he is a handful. Which I knew I was signing on for with a 3 month old kitten, I did, but oy. Right now, though, the kitten is put-out with me because I had to give him a bath earlier. Not his favorite person right now, so he’s not looking to climb into my lap (or laptop) no matter how fascinating either might be.

I was out sick from work three days this week with either the stomach flu or a really nasty case of food poisoning. Since I was running a fever (and still sorta am, low-grade) it’s impossible to tell, because the symptoms tend to overlap a lot. Still headachey, still nauseous, and still hot-then-cold. I only went in to work today because I had scheduled a Newsletter – which I did, under extreme time constraints while running a low-grade fever. To reward myself for this service Above & Beyond, I let the stash accumulate ten skeins of this:

Shelter "Button Jar"

Jared’s new yarn, Shelter, which is a secret I have been sitting on (painfully, at times) for four months now. Gawd, am I glad not to have to keep silent about this anymore! I LOVE this yarn (which I totally told him when he showed it to us) and couldn’t wait to get something started with it. Unfortunately a ruling came down from On High and staffers were not allowed to purchase more than 1 skein for one week after release. Well, pffft! to them. I did get a skein and swatched for my sweater-to-be…

Shelter swatchShelter in “Sap”

And I STILL love it. I think I’ll make mitts with the remaining yardage (of which there is a lot). The sweater design is coming along slowly. The ribbed hem is proving difficult. If I get a chance tomorrow, without the kitty getting in the way, I’ll try to take a photo of the sketch. Promising nothing, though. That cat has a will and isn’t easily deterred or distracted.

Ahwell.  In other news, the Malabrigo Rios henley is coming along:

Knitting at Powell's

To the point where it’s entirely stockinette. For miles. Now all I need is a movie marathon… or two.

And that’s about the sum of my update. I am absolutely exhausted and not entirely coherent, so this won’t be the bestest post ever, but I didn’t want to not update for another day in a row. Did that make sense? Probably not. Think it might just be bed-time…

Yeah. Toodles!


  1. AWWWWW!!! when shadow was little, i let him snuggle on the keyboard and now he will reappear from *anywhere* once i pull the laptop out and take another nap. you might want to set some boundaries now, or at least have a talk with the little guy. it’s the laptop warmth me thinks, shadow isn’t as interested in my wireless keyboard. ;)

    shelter looks really yummy.

    feel better! wish i was closer to help.

  2. Squee! Such a cute kitten. I have envy now. But I am also totally jealos of the Rios. Malabrigo delayed shipping our order, so we don’t get it until next week. Meh.

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