Which is about the sum of my weekend.  Sad, but true.  I spent most of my time in a dark room, pondering the pros and cons of DIY trepanning.  Around 3 pm today, I determined that it’s probably impossible to sterilize a power drill for surgery and contented myself with the promise that the migraine would end… eventually.  It might take 80 years, but I can’t have a migraine when I’m dead – or so I hope.

The good news, which is very good news indeed, is that I shall soon be going to work four days a week.  We’ve found a way for me to do my job (in four days, not five!), thus allowing me ONE WHOLE DAY a week for designing.  Oh, the joy and the rapture.  I’m so excited.  I have a sketchbook full of designs I haven’t, well, designed because of the time factor.  Getting laundry (need to fold a load, incidentally), cooking, cleaning, and other chores done after work and on weekends really does get in the way.  I’m ever so looking forward to the 1st of November, my official first 4-day week.

I’m even taking over the garage (look forward to some fun DIY posts about that), so I can have a drafting table (already have one!), an official design library, pattern-cutting space, and even a sewing area.  It’s going to be amazing.  I hope.  Or, rather, insist.  The designs are already piling up and I can’t wait to get to them.

For now, though, I think I have to fold some laundry (clean clothes are rather important at work) and play with Mo’, he just woke up from a looong catnap.  Thank goodness, since that gave me a snatch of time to hammer out a design that’s due this week.

Until I have more interesting stuff (and pictures, which I know are important), here’s a pic of the cat and dog cuddling:

Cats & Dogs

‘Awwww’, right?

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