I fear my transformation has begun.  Oh, yes, indeed.  You know to what I refer.


A knit-blogger with more cat than knit when it comes to blogging.


Just let it be known, it could happen to YOU.

What distractions?


This substitution of urban legend for actual blog content might be due to the truly awful head cold I am combating and the fact that I, embarrassingly enough, only had five recent photos on my camera.  Yes, all of them were of Mo’ and only one (the first one, above) was in focus.  This post’s intro may not seem so off-topic now, eh?

In other news…

The sweater progresses despite having suffered some deep personal setbacks. Loosely translated, that means I ripped out about SIX INCHES of sweater. It finally occurred to me at 8 inches that I really, really didn’t like the way some of the stitches were lying and that I was, in fact, lying to myself if I thought I’d ever actually wear the sweater with giant ladders in it. (sigh) That was a cruel and bitter experience… for both of us.

Hopefully, both the sweater and I have achieved some personal growth as a result of our experiences together.

But, because I am fickle and suffering major Startitis, I’ve started a KAL at work, the:

Yep. It’s a sweater. A looong one. Luckily (or, rather, wisely) I have yarn in the stash that suits perfectly. There is even a gauge swatch somewhere in the vicinity of the laptop on which I type that proves this. Can I find it? No. But it does exist and I am contenting myself with this fact.

That, and the unequivocal truth that I am completely insane.  Why, you ask, as you back away slowly?  Oh, because twelve more skeins of Shelter made there way home with me last week (I’m sick, I tell you, sick!) so I can make this:

Don’t try and stop me.  I’ve already swatched.  Thank goodness I invested in the Addi Click set last winter, it’s invaluable right now in my current psychotic break.  I have vowed to cast on this week.  For those of you who have been paying attention, that means I will have, ah… (mental math time!) seven sweaters on the needles!

This November is going to be interesting, you can count on it.

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