I was going to try and post everything that’s happened in the past month.  But that would be impossible in the time constraints I’m facing.  So, here are the highlights…

  • I started two pairs of mittens.  Anemoi by Eunny Jang and a self-designed pair (details forthcoming):

Grand schemes

  • Killed my Blackberry and iPod touch accidentally with an exploding bottle of apple juice.  No one was harmed, but I still grieve for my iPod.

Apple juice sampler

  • Got a new phone, as Blackberry was both sticky and non-functioning:

New phone(Droid X and I LOVE it!!!)

  • Found out my socks visited the Great Wall of China (on my sister’s feet):

  • Started working 4 days a week and spending 1 WHOLE day on designing (I love Mondays):

  • And I went to the annual Blue Moon Fiber Arts sale:

Where, I am sure you can guess, I was accosted by many skeins of yarn that literally threw themselves at me.  True story.  You can ask Opus, who was also attacked by yarn.

So, now I am working away on several ongoing design projects.  I’ve been press-ganged into invited to design for the next Shibui booklet, which I cannot speak (nor type) of.  Suffice it to say there’s a lot of cables involved.

I’ve spent most of today working on the last few patterns for the soon-to-be-published Shibui booklet, Shibui Heichi, and on the yet-unnamed booklet.  Finished three tasks and started two more.  It’s looking good.  I just wish I had another set of arms, a la Parvati, so I could knit two things at once.  I think my brain could handle two.

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