Being on vacation with a laptop that won’t work correctly or quickly.  Short story?  My poor, ever-stalwart Toshiba got doused on the flight down to CA.  So now, days later and infinitely drier, it is glitchier than a first gen IBM.

Sad.  I really don’t want to retire it, but that’s looking unavoidable now – as I post this using my Droid :(

If you’re one of the many people who emailed me after Sat, that’s why I haven’t responded.  Writing emails that are longer than 3 sentences – on a phone – isn’t too fun.  I’m only posting this because SO MUCH has happened.

The photos?  Taken using ma droid.  In order (hopefully this’ll post the way it looks on this itty bitty screen…):
1. TT, Alexa, and I at Pier 42.  Yummy fish & chips!
2. A crazy cowl idea that worked out really well. Honest to goodness, a texting teen stopped texting to pick it up and say “Cool!”  Apparently, I hit the Abercrombie & Fitch mark spot-on.
3. Pretty Madelunetosh socks (IP), in the color Mansfield Garden Party, and two nifty project tracking booklets I found.  Think they might be good for future crazy ideas.
4. Chocolate chip banana bread.muffins.  Big hit.  ‘nother crazy idea that worked out well.
5. Chocolate chip banana bread.  We ran out of muffin pans.
6. One more crazy idea.  Let’s see what happens!

And that’s about all I can convey at this point.  I guess I’ll just write out all my patterns I’m working on by hand and type them up when I get home.


Well, tomorrow should be fun!  We’re going to Chinatown & Japantown.

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  1. droid to the rescue. sounds like a beautiful trip and i think the laptop is trying to remind you to take some time for yourself because you deserve it!

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