One tries one’s best, but ‘best’ isn’t ‘perfect’. It turns out there’s an error (admittedly not mine, but I didn’t catch it in the proof) in the Draper pattern:

Draper (shawl)
Draper, published by Shibui Knits

The chart key is incorrect. It should specify knit: ‘knit on rs, purl on ws’ and purl: ‘purl on rs, knit on ws’, but only has ‘knit’ and ‘purl’, which has led to some interesting results, all told.

Well, I won’t forget to check the chart key next time! Though I doubt that’s much comfort to those knitters who just discovered they have to rip out half a lace shawl :(

In good news, I am soooo darn close to publishing this pattern:

Nemo Mitts (forthcoming)

I can almost taste it.

Little by little, we progress :)


  1. I was wondering about that when I started the chart! I am almost done with the second stockinette tier, and have done enough frogging for one project, so I think I’m just going to leave it!

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