There’s absolutely no way of breaking this news without it being kind of huge, but… well… I’ve left Knit Purl (as of the 15th) and have gone on to a new job. The parting was quite cordial and I admit that I already miss my former coworkers, but that sweet sorrow (as it were) is alleviated by the fact that I now have A WINDOW!

Which almost makes up for the lack of sass and snark I traded with the team at KP.  Almost.  I’m still texting quite a few of them, though, so I don’t go into total withdrawal.

The New Job is fun (two conference calls today, one with Australia) and is surprisingly not as different as I expected it would be.

On top of the obvious Big Change, the launch of my new pattern line is officially imminent.  The date is set for May 15, 2011 – less than a month away.  I should have at least 6 patterns ready by then – two more are through tech editing – plus maybe some previews of more to come.  It’s all a little overwhelming and kind of scary.

I, quite frankly, don’t know how professional designers do this on a regular basis.

But that’s enough News for tonight.  Time for bed!


  1. sending you lots of good thoughts and good wishes for the new gig… but you really need to send me your address now. though will the gang at kp get upset if i send you something via them? ;)

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