And I mean that in more ways than the obvious.

Aside from the tragically awful weather we’re having in Oregon right now (ooh, a high of 61F tomorrow!*), things are getting a bit hazy in terms of forecasting my pattern line launch.  One of my team members just got selected for jury duty (lucky ducky her), several samples are not finished, TNNA is a month away, and… I’m find of freaking out a bit.

But only a bit.  Because, even though things aren’t as sunny as I’d like (literally and figuratively), one cannot but take comfort in the fact that we finally have wildflowers blooming:



A different color from dreary, drizzly grey is simply divine to me right now.  In fact, I want to knit something in that exact shade of blue…

Oh, spring startitis, I know thee well.

Anyway.  If my little project doesn’t launch on the 15th, don’t be too surprised.  We’re trying, we really are, but life has other plans.

*EUGH.  Give me some SUN, darnit!

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