What did I do tonight?  Answer about five million emails and didn’t even make a dent.  It’s my own fault that I’ve fallen so far behind, I know (well, mostly, migraines and viruses weren’t planned), but it’s still hard to keep up.

To distract us all from that, though, I come bearing pretty.  First, the upcoming new release for Rose City Knits:

Barnes-1(Get more.)

Aaand, another peak at the next pattern in the works:

Not to mention the 20+ swatches and other projects in the works.  Oh, yes.  The problem this year is not going to be coming up with any new designs, it’s going to be pruning them down to a manageable endeavor.

Anyway.  Thank you for your patience (I know the blog has been sparce on content lately), but more good things are to come – including a selection of neat finds I’m just dying to share :)

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