My friend Maia, of Tactile Fiber Arts Studio, is in a bit of a bind.  Her husband is no longer able to attend Sock Summit with her and, thus, will not be here to help her unload and set up her booth.  She’s asked me to post a shout out to our generous community of knitters (with the offer of yarny bribery), to see if anyone has time on Wednesday and/ or Thursday to help her get prepared for the event.

Since I work full-time, I’ll only be available to help her unload on Wednesday.  Maia’s looking for 1 – 3 volunteers (who will be rewarded with lovely fibery goodness).  Unloading will begin at approximately 5pm on Wednesday night (I’ll be there), and then set-up will be from 10am – 3 or 4pm, depending on how long it takes to set up the booth.

Anyone interested in helping, please let me know (comments on the blog or through facebook go straight to my email!) and I’ll forward you Maia’s cell phone number.  Thank you, anyone, who can lend a hand!

On the next post, I can’t wait to share the coolest little doo-hickey I found that made even Opus give up her beloved Post-Its.

No, really ;)


  1. Wow! How fortuitous! I just put up a tweet earlier tonight saying if anyone needed help to let me know! I’m available on Thursday AM from 9 until about noon! Just have her shoot me an email kusalaknitworks (at) gmail (dot) com. Email works best with the kids or tweet me @kusalaknits

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