Literally, in Gerturde’s case.

Who is Gertrude?, you ask?

Well… Gertrude is my new live-in model:


Or, rather, a vintage Royal Form dress form. Size 10, I think. I found her on Craig’s List a few weeks ago and fell in love.

Especially since everything looks good on her :)  She’ll be my impromptu model from now on, so look for more Gertrude sightings.

Next, we have another model who ought to be familiar to you by now – Opus, who is also my faithful test knitter:

Opus' Helianthus (1)

Wearing her styling new Helianthus hat, knit with Kauni Effektgarn in the colorway WEU.  After blocking it, she got her brother Daniel to take some pix, including this fun one:

Opus' Helianthus (1)

Which might just have to go into the pattern itself.  ‘Cause that’s just awesome.

Between Opus (who is now knitting her Heianthus 2) and my beloved tech editor, there shouldn’t be any errors in this pattern.

Keep weather eye out, the pattern should be available soon!


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