Two weeks ago the 2012 Rose City Yarn Crawl began.  On Thursday morning (March 1st), I jumped in the car with Dad – my chauffer and long-suffering photography assistant – and began the Crawl.  My goal was twofold: 1), to see in person how each of the shops was fairing and get feedback from participants and 2), to get high-def photos using my Nikon D90 to use on the Crawl and in next year’s promotional efforts.

What I discovered was that, even with only a month and a half to prepare (I literally started on January 16th), the participation went beyond any of the shop owners’ dreams.  Traffic was double to triple over last year and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive on every front – participants, retailers, and wholesalers were very excited about the visibility and accessibility of information this year, the prizes, and the many events.

I’m still reeling from the numbers, which we are actually still compiling, and the hugs I got at every stop.  The best part, for me, was visiting every shop and seeing how interesting and unique they all really, truly are.  I also got to see some old friends along the way.

Dad and I visited 12 stores over Thursday and Friday, and then Opus took over as my driver, (slavedriver), and camera assistant on Saturday for the final 7.  Seriously, she was a task master and time-obsessed.  But, with their help, I managed to visit each and every store over 3 days and get some fabulous photos at every stop.

I took dozens upon dozens of photographs, to see my two faves from each shop check out the 2012 Rose City Yarn Crawl set on flickr or check out the individual shop albums on Facebook for them all.  Because there were so many to choose from, I only selected two from each shop to put in my flickr photostream.  In this post, I wanted to share the alpha, from my first stop at Make One in Milwaukie:

Make One

… and the omega, from Kathy’s Knit Korner in Forest Grove:

Kathy's Knit Korner

I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to check out each shop (either on flickr or Facebook), because they are all so very special.  It was a great experience and I am just beside myself over the success of it.  We’re already discussing plans for next year, and I can’t wait!

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