I haven’t blogged since July.  Which actually surprised me, but it’s not like I’ve been slacking.  The last 8 months have been kind of brutal.  I had been avoiding blogging over some legal concerns, but to that I officially say “F#ck it!”

The last 8 months in bullet points:

  • July: Dad had a stroke.  (no, really, but his right side is mostly fully functioning now)
  • August: Mom had surgery and was in the hospital for a week, then we got to care for her at home.
  • September: Mom had a sub-dermal staff (MRSA?) infection next to the bone, which required two additional surgeries and another week+ in the hospital – bringing her annual total up to 1 month residing at OHSU.  I then spent the next 6 weeks giving her daily infusions of super-duper-MEGA-antibiotics.
  • October: Mowgli died.  My heart broke.  Literally.  He was so much more than a cat, he was a little furry person with a wicked sense of humor and almost freakish intelligence.  My family cried with me for weeks.  
  • November: To pull me out of my deep depression, my parents convinced me to adopt a cat.  This turned into two kittens; which, mass-wise, I maintain was the same as an adult cat.  At the time.  Now they’re both huge and spoiled rotten.  Purl (the female) likes to sit in my lap when I knit, or read, or work on the computer.  I love them dearly, but still miss Mowgli and feel like there’s a giant hole in my heart.
  • December: I got sick.  Really sick.
  • January: Started having anaphylaxic reactions to we-know-not-what.  I now get to carry medication and an Epi-Pen on me everywhere.  Awesome.  Still haven’t figured out what it is.  More testing to come!
  • February: Preparations for the 2013 Rose City Yarn Crawl took over my life in a very real way.  The good news?  It was very, very successful.  Like, whoa.
  • March: here we are and I’m still trying to catch up.

I haven’t been designing too much lately.  It’s not that I don’t have ideas or inspiration (quite the opposite), it’s the lack of time.  There’ve been a few accomplishments here and there, but the queue for publication is quite long and far behind schedule.  Rhea Silvia would have been published months ago, if not for everything else.  Not to mention a dozen or so other patterns floating around my studio and living room.  So.  Frustrating.  I’m also months behind on my correspondence and feel like such a louse.

Before this gets too much more depressing, why not share something pretty?  I may not have knit or designed any of these, but I do claim credit for the photos:

Bridgetown preview (1)Bridgetown preview (2)Bridgetown preview (3)Bridgetown preview (4)Bridgetown preview (5)Bridgetown preview (6)

Bridgetown, the 2013 Rose City Yarn Crawl Pattern Collection.  I did the photoshoot with models Erin & Katrina at the just amazing Lonesomeville Pottery, and am currently working on the eBook for publication.  This has been an interesting learning experience – particularly discovering how much I enjoy it.  Who knew?

Well, it’s after midnight and I’ve dinked around with this darned blog enough. The new WP layout is throwing me off. Maybe I should post more frequently, eh? Let’s see what happens. Cheers :)

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  1. I lost my dog Nessa three years ago, February 22nd. I still miss of her and think of her often. I’m going to a Dove Lewis Memorial thing on March 10th. You get to make something the memorializes your pet for free. http://www.dovelewis.org/community-services/memorial-art-therapy-workshops/

    Healing thoughts for your family!

    You did an awesome job on the yarn crawl!! It was a lot of fun to participate and a lot of people are already looking forward to next year’s event.

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