I promise not to turn into one of those bloggers who posts more photos of their cat(s) than anything else, but Purl and Rosco (my adopted kittens) haven’t received much attention here. And yesterday, they both hit important milestones – Purl weighed in at 8 lbs and Rosco at 10 lbs.


When I brought them home in November, they were teeny tiny little things that weighed in at around 2 lbs apiece. Since it was too painful to talk about Mowgli and explain the new arrivals, I didn’t post much about them online, but still documented their growth…

You have to admit, there were pretty darn adorable little scraps. Now they’re bona fide lap cats.

I spent a large chunk of this afternoon acting as a bed for Purl, who has come to the conclusion that any person’s lap is her immediate property and expresses her displease at any attempt at displacement quite emphatically.

Ignore her wishes at your own peril.

I just wanted to share that. Tomorrow, I’ll be back with other fun news – just received my copy of knit.wear Spring 2013!


  1. shadow and i want to invite you to the dark side… more kitten photos please! he agrees with Purl that a lap is the best place to be, though he also enjoys reviewing the state of the house from either our arms, e’s shoulders, or my head.

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