I love this time of year, the pale pink petals from cherry and plum trees shiver on branches and flutter on the wind. Usually against an overcast sky.

It’s perfect.

Every year I promise myself I’m going to go out and take pictures with the Nikon and it never happens, following the Japanese tradition of Hanami, sakura (cherry blossom) blossom viewing*.  Still hasn’t. Though, I almost achieved my goal with my cell phone:

Cherry blossoms at Westmoreland Park

Admittedly, that’s after some serious photo editing. Cell camera photos never look as good as we’d hope.

Anyway.  Maybe next time!

In other news, I continue to wage war on my pile of uncompleted designs.  The big hold up is the charts and exporting the legend in a sensible manner.  I use KnitVisualizer and invariably spend hours upon hours reformatting the legend (and sometimes the charts) with Photoshop, so they’re all consistent.  Does anyone out there have a better way?  So far, no one’s come forth.  I wish I knew a programmer I could bribe to create a more intuitive and flexible charting program :(

Well, maybe next time I’ll have some finished patterns to share.  Getting closer!

*Doesn’t that just sound like a wonderful way to spend a spring day?  (Provided it isn’t pouring down rain, of course!)


  1. I’m quite frustrated too… I’m about to begin making mine directly in illustrator/indesign. I’m not yet frustrated enough to code my own but time will tell.

    Your photos remind me that spring really is here, thank you! (Our temperatures finally warmed up this week, everything is starting to grow!)

  2. Gorgeous photo.

    Sorry for the frustration factor. I hope you find that magic software to make it all much simpler. My husband works in Silicon Valley–there must be a coding genius somewhere to make a “better mousetrap” for knit design.

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