Currently recovering from an allergic reaction to heaven only knows what (really, I have no idea), and feeling a little woozy from the Benadryl and stuff. So, I figured, “why not update the blog?” – from my couch with the iPad. We’ll see how is goes…

So. I finally caved (after much annoyance with my phone’s camera) and downloaded the Instagram app (I’m fyberduck, if you’re interested in connecting). After a couple of days, I’ve decided I’m probably developing an addiction.

It’s just a little too easy to take a photo with phone and make it pretty without having to export and edit it on my computer. Here are a few of the snapshots from my first week.


In other news, as I struggle to stay awake, Purl weighed in at 8.6 lbs and Rosco at 11.6 lbs today. My kittens is getting BIG and they’ve still got some more growing to do. They’ll be a year old in August.

And that’s about all for now. It’s getting really hard to focus on anything. It might be time to have a lie down.

About the Author fyberduck

I love socks, lace, and all sorts of ‘traditional’ knitting subjects. I studied Classics and textile history (independent minor) at Uni and have a love of anything ancient. That said, I also like to mix it up with modern shapes and silhouettes, often with a little tradition thrown in for fun.

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