The past week has been kind of crummy – nothing working the way it should, etc. – but it was all put into perspective last night when I went to see Girl Rising.  Featured on both OPB and Jezebel, Mom and I decided that we had to see it (trailer below).

So, I reserved tickets through Gathr and waited to see if our screening would go through.  It did, and I went last night without Mum (who got sick at the last minute).  Opus stepped in valiantly.

As expected, it was heartbreaking and uplifting.  Tragic and beautiful.  If you’re able, I strongly recommend seeing it.  Portland-area residents are blessed with a variety of options for seeing Girl Rising in a theater.  I’d also recommend that you bring tissues.  Narrated by numerous big name actors and musicians, the stories are intense; but, it was absolutely heartclenching to listen to Liam Neeson recite abysmal statistics (such as 50% of the deaths of girls 15 – 18 in the undeveloped world are due to childbirth complications) in his lush brogue.

After, Opus and I sat quietly in a Starbucks.  She broke the silence with “I’m so American.”  It was a funny, enlightening response… and so true.

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