Admittedly, I’m not doing too well at treading water right now, but I haven’t given up yet. So, the final verdict on the kidney infection(s) was that we don’t know why or how I got infected, but the bacteria was amazingly antibiotic resistant. Fourth try was the charm, and now I’m on a fifth antibiotic for the next year to prevent subsequent infections.  Could be worse :)

Of course, with that and my own clumsiness – I threw out my back/hip last week and was horizontal (seriously, had to roll out of bed and couldn’t sit upright for a week) – I am dreadfully behind on, like, everything.  Especially blogging, correspondence (my inbox scares me), and design work.

I promised to do an interview of Knitwise Design for the Indie Designer Giftalong before the end of the month and am determined to do so.  Keep an eye out!

Until then, here’s a sneak peek from the very same photoshoot that screwed up my back…

I totally think it was worth it.  34F weather and all.  Expect new releases soon!

… And replies to emails, too, because that’s also on my list.  Really.

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