Vero Verto – and a contest!

Vero Verto in “Daffodil”

It’s done, it’s done! Big ‘thank you’ to Katrina (model) and Portland Nursery (location) for being awesome.

Pattern details:

GAUGE: 16 stitches and 26 rows = 4 inches in Stockinette

  • Approximately 200 y / 183 m of worsted to Aran weight yarn. Samples shown were knit with 1 skein of Anzula For Better or Worsted (200 y/182 m per 3.5 oz/ 100 g skein), shown in “Clay” and “Daffodil”
  • Set of five US 8/ 5 mm dpns
  • One 16-inch/ 40.5 cm US 8/ 5 mm circular needle
  • One 16-inch/ 40.5 cm US 6/ 4 mm circular needle
  • Tapestry needle
  • 8 stitch markers (optional)

SIZING: Adult M (22”/ 56 cm head circumference)
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
$6.00 US PDF DOWNLOAD on ravelry

I saw felt the yarn, Anzula’s For Better or Worsted, at TNNA and immediately knew what it needed to be – I’d just been informed that I was getting several designs back and needed to re-knit them. Anzula gave me a bunch of skeins in different colors (so expect to see more patterns knit with this yarn in coming weeks!) and I cast on immediately.  Yum.  Not to mention fabulous stitch definition.

And now to the CONTEST portion of our post, specifically aimed at the nerds among us.  The first three people to email me with the correct answer to this question:

Where did the pattern name, Vero Verto, come from?*

…will win one free copy of Vero Verto and any one Rose City Knits pattern of their choice!  Send your answer to my email – fyberduck(at)gmail(dot)com.

The deadline to submit is end of day, Thursday, February 13th (PT).  I’ll announce the winners on Friday (well, hopefully, provided anyone enters) and send out those patterns :)


*Hint: book lovers, think of the big screen.

Good news (#3!)

Apparently, this is my third post entitled “Good news”.  Need to get more original, it seems.

So, yes, good news to report – I did manage to make it to the doctor’s office last week, in spite of Snowmageddon 2.0.  Even better, the doctors took me (and the situation) seriously*.  Unfortunately, we still have no diagnosis and I’ve been threatened with yet more biopsies if the condition doesn’t improve in two weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed, I really don’t want to get another biopsy!

Alas, our good fortune did not extend to the pharmacy run that was necessary after the appointment, so we got stuck outside with the crazy people.  You know who they are.  Just because your truck has chains, doesn’t mean you still get to drive 35 MPH over ice and snow.

Other than all that?  Progress has been slow.  Looking forward to posting even better news later this week.  Hopefully the tech gods will smile on me.

Here’s hoping you’re having a lovely week!

*My hopes were not high after a dismal appointment with Dermatology earlier in the week.

Best laid plans

I’ve been planning to update my blog with numerous posts for the past month, but things keep happening*.  I particularly wanted to share my latest pattern release, Vero Verto (plus a contest!), but that’s not going to happen tonight.

The latest and greatest distraction (or catastrophe, depending on your POV) is that is down.  As is my attached email address.  I can neither send nor receive email.  Goody.

I’ll try and post some good news tomorrow.  After my doctor’s appointment.  Which is a whole ‘nother story in itself.

Wish me luck!

*Not good things.  Good things would be nice.

2013 in review

The QFA’s WP annual report came in and is rather interesting.  And a little embarrassing – I posted less than an average of 1 post per month.  Improving that average will definitely be part of my 2014 Resolution!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog…

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,800 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Staying afloat

Admittedly, I’m not doing too well at treading water right now, but I haven’t given up yet. So, the final verdict on the kidney infection(s) was that we don’t know why or how I got infected, but the bacteria was amazingly antibiotic resistant. Fourth try was the charm, and now I’m on a fifth antibiotic for the next year to prevent subsequent infections.  Could be worse :)

Of course, with that and my own clumsiness – I threw out my back/hip last week and was horizontal (seriously, had to roll out of bed and couldn’t sit upright for a week) – I am dreadfully behind on, like, everything.  Especially blogging, correspondence (my inbox scares me), and design work.

I promised to do an interview of Knitwise Design for the Indie Designer Giftalong before the end of the month and am determined to do so.  Keep an eye out!

Until then, here’s a sneak peek from the very same photoshoot that screwed up my back…

I totally think it was worth it.  34F weather and all.  Expect new releases soon!

… And replies to emails, too, because that’s also on my list.  Really.

Trying to stay positive

The past two months have been difficult, to be perfectly honest. What started out as a UTI has progressed into a full-blown kidney infection that is still not responding to antibiotics. I even ended up at the ER on IV antibiotics, which I gotta say was not a pleasant experience.

To add to the misery, one of the RX I was taking seems to have set off an autoimmune disorder that is just compounding the problem delightfully.

So, staying positive? Kind of hard right now. I feel like crap all the time, have little to no energy, and am so far behind on everything it’s reaching critical mass.

In order to facilitate a better frame of mind, I’ve compiled a list of good things:

  1. It’s pretty outside.  No, I don’t feel up to actually going anywhere, but it’s pretty to look at through the window.  At least it’s not raining.
  2. I have yarn.  A lot of it.  I’ve been cuddling a baby camel/ silk blend for happy thoughts.
  3. The Republicans didn’t succeed, hah!
  4. The ACA is looking awesome for someone like me.
  5. Light the Night Walk 2013 is this Saturday.  I’m supposed to walk, but that’s looking very iffy.  Still, if you have a moment, please consider joining us, donating, or posting a flyer:
  6. I am slowly, oh-so-slowly, making my way through my inbox.  You might just receive an email from me sometime this, oh, year.
  7. I have all my fingers and toes.  That’s good, right?

And that’s all I got for now.  Further happy thoughts are always welcome.

Mini Update: Rocket Pop Socks

While a longer, more in-depth update is long overdue, I am a little overwhelmed right now with the sheer quantity of work that piled up as I was being treated for an ass-kicking* kidney infection. So, just so’s to prove that I ain’t dead yet, I present a new pattern:


And that’s about all I got for now. If I haven’t responded to your message(s), I swear by the stash it’s on the To-Do List of Doom. Really.

*Posterior: mine