I have no title

Urg. Forgot what I was gonna post. Let’s see. Long week to sum up. Have to open the store tomorrow, which will be interesting since I’ve never opened by myself before :P

Anyway. Finally got Clue #4 up last night – it was causing me some difficulty because I couldn’t find a way to write out text instructions for the toe detail. Check it out and you’ll see why. Here’s what my progress on the socks was on Thursday night at the Sip’n’Stitch, when I actually remembered to take a photo:


Little farther along now, but too lazy to find a camera. Next Thursday I’ll post the completed pattern for people who want all the clues in one place. And, err, maybe I can manage to do the same for the March Mystery Sock, which is still in bits and pieces. Bad me.

Um. Hrm. Working on several patterns right now. Need to get my stuff together to submit to different publications. See? I do listen to you guys who bug me incessantly. You’ll know who you are. I’m also looking into applying to Stanford Business School this October – matriculation wouldn’t be until more than a year away, so no panicking anytime soon. Trying to figure out all the pieces of that puzzle.

I dunno. Things are crazy right now. I worked 45 hours last week and am a little haggard. This whole “summer slowdown” doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Of course, that might be due to the fact that it’s still bloody cold and wet outside. Arg. I packed away my winter clothing so, duh, immediately the average temperature dropped 30 degrees in a week. Stupid Oregon weather.

And even if all that’s not everything, it’s all I can remember.  Have a lovely Memorial Day and try to avoid the rain if you can :)

Some slight changes

Remember those two Mystery Sock clues I posted? Throw ’em out. No errata, never fear. But some of the knitters brave enough to try my Fair Isle infested pattern have requested instructions for how to shorten the cuff chart on Clue #2. And I, being me, decided to redo both clues just to make my life easier in the long run:

I’m even, to show willing (and curiosity, I admit), going to CO tonight and try out the new chart…

Honestly, I’m a bit amazed that 12 knitters were crazy enough to take on a Fair Isle-themed Mystery Pattern. It just goes to show what kind of people make up my beloved SKA.

Oh, and just so you don’t feel like you read all this for nothing, here’s a much better picture of the sockies:

April socks

burning out

I know this place. Well, in fact. I tend to overextend myself trying to help others. I’m not looking for praise here, just stating a fact. And, eventually, I get a little resentful. It’s completely my fault. I know this. But I would like to knit for myself for a while. Soon.

Which is why I’ve probably been spending too much time designing and not enough knitting, thus not finishing projects. Hence the lack of photos and blogging recently. Maggie’s socks are over 75% done, the Mystery Socks are progressing very very slowl, and I spent most of the weekend knitting an experiment that failed spectacularly. But, well, one has to take into account that rather infamous Edison quote.

Moreover, the previous week’s workload wasn’t too be sneezed at. One of the other reason’s I haven’t been blogging was Patrick’s accident. Patrick, my other half and Project #3 model, managed to concuss himself badly on Thursday morning (slipped in the bathroom) and had to visit the ER twice in two days. First for stitches and then for the swelling around the stitches. He’s doing much better (he works with knitters, we’ve been fussing), but he’s still not back up to par, so I’ve been covering for him. But, thankfully, he’s getting better and TNNA’s over so The Crew is due back to create more work for us.

To keep this blog from getting completely downhearted (which it isn’t, life is good), here’s the latest installment of the Mystery Sock, hot off of the hard drive:

Clue #3 (PDF)

Another positive thing to report: I spent the weekend trekking all over Portland, delivering the Rose City Knitters donation boxes. Stores supporting the cause:

  1. Twisted
  2. Dublin Bay
  3. Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks
  4. The Knitting Bee
  5. Knit Purl

To help us raise more money, Twisted and Dublin Bay will be matching all the donations they collect and Knit/Purl is donating a percentage of this month’s profit. Sooo… if you live around Portland and want to donate to our Ark Fund, drop by one of these lovely stores!

And that’s about it. I swear I’ll get better about taking some photos. I’ve been meaning to post Terrisa’s latest window display, actually. If you’re really bored and want to read the ramblings of an amateur knit-journalist, I finished another True Plies installment and the Knit/Purl newsletter will be up in a day or two :)

just to prove that I’ve been trying

I’m still working away on Clue #1, despite having put up Clue #2 for more speedy knitters:

Mystery Socks

I dream of actually having time to knit.

Probably since I spent most of the day receiving pretty yarn that I don’t have time to play with. Oh, well. Then there was the grocery shopping, etc. I might get to knit at some point tonight, after finishing up my mod’ing duties on ravelry.

Oh, and notice the button on the sidebar? We (the Rose City Knitters) are trying to raise $5000 by the end of the month to buy an Ark through Heifer International. This isn’t a plea for donations, just a little announcement for those who might be interested.

And now it’s NH primaries time.

Clue #2

Not the most original post title in the history of blogging, but it’ll have to do. At least it’s accurate. Here’s the second clue of the January Mystery Sock:

Clue #2 (PDF)

And that’s about it. So tired. Project #3 is FINISHED. Blocked, buttoned and folded up. Hurrah.

Sock Knitters meet tomorrow night…

Damn the gremlins

They eat the emails Terrisa and I try to send each other, they screw with the blog, and NOW they’ve meddled with my Mystery Sock. Too far, they have tread. I’m going to try this one more time, and if it doesn’t work (yes, I am warning you, you little monsters), I’m calling in a priest, a shaman AND a rabbi.

MS Clue #1

There. That had better work, ya hear me??

Note to the confunded: Deb and I missed an error in Row 6. I have fixed the error 4 times now, exported the clue again each time, and tried to upload the corrected version 4 times. Have I been successful? No. Even after I deleted the incorrect clue it still turns up. Hence, I have gremlins.

Moving on.


Today was… well, a Wednesday. That says it all, really. Above is a nice picture of sock #1 for Maggie OTN. One of the things accomplished today was a tentative schedule for the other blog, in which I will now post to a weekly column, “True Plies” (thank you, Emm, for the cool name). I’m also allowed to post other people’s reviews, hint hint. My first piece is up and comments, suggestions, whatever are always good.

Now I really MUST CO the mystery sock. I’ve been, like, fantasizing about it.

What will it be?

Somehow, I volunteered to design the Mystery Sock pattern for January 2008. Ravelers who are also participants in Sockdown: ravelry! might actually understand that last sentence. The SKA decided, as a group, to challenge ourselves for a year. One of the requests was for Mystery sock patterns. Much like the Mystery Stole 3 KAL. Only with, you know, socks.
And, since it is officially January 1, 2008, it’s time to get this Mystery KAL started.

I can’t really tell you much about the pattern, without ruining the surprise. But, here’s what Deb and I have deemed to release:

  • it is, of course, a pattern for a pair of socks
  • there will be intarsia (Sockdown: January’s chosen technique)
  • and, lucky you, there is a sneak peek.
Clue #1 (PDF)

Big ‘thank you’ to FluffyKnitterDeb for test-knitting and editing the pattern and to ShibuiKnits for providing her with the yarn…

CO if you dare. I’m going to participate (yes, I know what it looks like, sorry, BUT I haven’t knit it), and even bought my yarn last week. I’ll try and CO tomorrow. To entice you Classicist knitters out there (I know you exist), I’ll let you in on another little secret – the theme of this pattern has to do with the origins of Valentine’s Day in ancient Greece and Rome.