another thing to scratch out.


My joyfulness? I turned in Project #2 and it was well loved, and I was happy. And a little embarrassed by all the compliments. Opus mocked me. I went “pfft” to her and then silenced her with a bribe involving handspun lace yarn.

Anyway. I’ve promised, uh, 2 more design sketches for next week. On top of the men’s sweater that’s due (with pattern!) on Nov 15. Sooo… now I just need to write a pattern and knit a sweater in 2 weeks.

Don’t give me that look. I knit an adult sweater during Dead Week one term… when I had Latin, Greek, and 400-level Art History keeping me from sleeping. It can be done.

I’m thinking of sending along the Project #2 pattern tomorrow, just to have it done. I’ve proofed it so many times in the past few days that there’s not much else I can do.

Other, not-man’s-sweater, progress? I sent off the Discworld Swap package (yesh!), and Stephie’s Jaywalkers and Crimson’s shamefully late Wacky Ducky Contest prize. Yes, I suck when it comes to mailing things on time, if ever.



Baby T’s offset wraplan is coming along. I’m almost to the ribbing at the hem. Then I just have to knit the sleeves, collar, and buttonbands. By next Saturday. Again, why are you looking at me like that? It’s a baby sweater. It can be done.

Ooh! And see that feather right there?? Emperor Fabulous left that on our patio this afternoon. Yes, I washed it. Is it down or is it a feather? Who can tell?

I also finally figured out my Socks for Maggie. They’re coming along nicely, esp. as traveling socks. Now, all I need to do is CO my November sockdown socks and I’ll be set for being on schedule for the Terrible Deadlines. I think. Oh, no, wait. Handspun Swap. Right-io. I also need to spin 4 oz of sock yarn by Nov 15. Wow, I’m going to be stressed for the next fortnight.

You might want to give Portland a wide berth.

Photo post

Went for a hike up Mt Tabor today (forgot to visit the caldera again), but took tons of photos. Mt. Tabor is the only active (well, sorta) volcano within a city’s limits in the US (on the mainland, anyway). I was loving the autumn foliage…



And autumn light. It turns almost thin this far North:






And, of course, the obligatory shot of Portland:


To our amusement, when we got home, look who was out back eating weeds:


Good birdie!  (we rewarded him with a handful of granola)

May I present the Emperor Fabulous?

The peacock (who keeps coming back because my parents can’t resist feeding it) has a name now. Emm and I jokingly decided to call him “Emperor Fabulous” when the ‘rents called from Eugene the day after my, uh, shock. Somehow, the name has stuck. Like tar.

He’s getting spoiled, too. 2 granola bars, a handful of oats, and 2 handfuls of sunflower seeds in one day. My parents are suckers for anything that looks hungry. Oy. They’re actually talking about building him his own feeder.

Anyway. The yarn p0rn I promised… Silk Puff in Ivory:

ShiBuiKnits Silk Puff

And, (this is so amusing) Nature’s Palette in…

Nature's Pallette - Mallard

I swear I didn’t know that was the colourway until I got home. I just really liked how gold and green and teal it was. This might be a bad sign. If I start decorating in yellow in green please arrange an intervention or shoot me or something.

Other news? The Knitting G-ds forgave me last night, as I slept. How kind and generous They are. Because I managed to (thank goodness!) finish today:

  • the second part of Project #1
  • complete the ‘medium’ item for the Discworld swap and make progress on the other items I’ve been plotting
  • organize my WIPs, including Projects #2 & #3
  • re-edit a couple of patterns (woot!) AND send one set to the tech editor

The Muses are also sweet as well. I’ve had several ideas pop into my head in the past 24 hours. Sometimes I really wish I didn’t have to sleep. Or, like Penny suggested, buy more time when it’s needed.  Another set of arms would also be good.  Then I could knit and blog at the same time.  Knit and eat.  Knit and (urg) clean.  Knit and knit, actually.  Oooh… knit and knit.  How fun would that be?

Oh, well. It’ll all get done eventually.

ye g-ds

I opened the back door to let the dog out into the backyard, and the peacock was standing right outside it. Again. (So I shoved Charlie back into the kitchen and slammed the door shut – all I need is a great bloody bird trying to come inside)

I told Emm and his classic response was, “There’s a great fricking peacock in the backyard!!” as he stared out the window at it.

Wow, thanks. That helps.

It might interest you to know that there is peacock poo all over the patio (yes, I discovered this by stepping in it).

I’m afraid to let the dog out (he’ll attack it, I just know it) and I’m not certain the bird can fly – it’s primaries look damaged. Maybe he’ll go away, right? If not, Animal Control it is, I guess… I can just imagine how that conversation is going to sound.

I know. I leave it alone and let Dad handle it (they’re coming back tonight, after closing the deal on the house – w00t!). He has so much fun dealing with the City anyway. I shouldn’t deprive him of a chance to wrangle with bureaucracy, that would be cruel.

Words fail me.

I grew up in Washington, D.C. I’m used to weird sh!t happening. Still, this is a new one. After writing the previous post, I got up to go and make a sandwich. There’s a window above the kitchen sink that looks out on the yard. Under this window sits a bench.

So, I look out the window as I put two pieces of bread in the toaster and am greeted by this:


Okay, actually, I looked out, saw the patio and shrieked as a giant blue head swiveled up into the window and looked at me. But I didn’t have my camera and was too busy trying to remember to breathe as I stared at the peacock watching me curiously.


And so I ran, grabbed my camera and took a photo to prove that I am not delusional (see? priorities) and then tried to find the phonebook. Animal Control, I chanted as I searched the living room.

Nope. Couldn’t find it. So I called Mum to yell at Dad (whose cell was OFF) and demand to know where he’d hid the dame phone book this time. Mum asked him and then asked me what was wrong.

“There’s a giant fricking peacock in our backyard!”

Mum started laughing. “Oh, yeah, D mentioned that.”

“They have a peacock? ” I had a hard time imagining the ex-Marine nextdoor owning a peacock. It just didn’t fit with the buzzcut and Ford truck.

“No, but one got stuck in his backyard recently.”

Right. “Well, I’m calling animal control. He’s someone’s pet, clearly, and there are tons of raccoons about.”

“What’s he doing? Is it a he? It could be a peahen,” Mum chuckled, obviously enjoying this.

“No, it’s a he. He’s green and blue. And He is eating a granola bar I threw out back.”

“You threw a granola bar at him?” She was laughing hysterically now, and so was Dad distantly.

“No! I broke it up and threw the crumbs on the patio,” I replied defensively. I can just imagine her miming me throwing a brick-like thing at some stupid bird.

“And he’s eating it?”

“Yes!” I think he also ate our tomatoes, now that I think about it…

“Well, go and ask D what to do about him, then.” So, I did. And it turns out that our friendly little peacock is a … I dunno what he is, actually. But He, “has the run of the neighborhood. Just leave him alone and he’ll move on.”

“He won’t get eaten by a raccoon?”


Alrighty, then. Of course, being stared at by the giant freaking bird as I made myself a turkey sandwich was a bit weird and uncomfortable. And then he started coo-ing as I sat down. This is just damned surreal.