It’s summer somewhere

What with viruses (does anyone use the plural viri?) and near-constant migraines for the past week, I’ve been a little out of the loop. Maybe more than a little, if we’re being honest. Well, logged into ravelry and noticed another design had been added to my designer profile:

Buttoned Up in Lace Shrug
The Buttoned Up in Lace Shrug from Creative Knitting, Summer 2013.  This design was a source of pride at the time (not that I could talk about it), because it utilizes three traditional reversible lace patterns (two are Madeira and one is Shetland), worked on a garter ground with two sets of knitted-on button bands so the “shrug” can be worn in several ways as different garments.  Which is why I was a little disappointed to see it only modeled as a shrug (love the photos, though, they did a fantastic job styling!).

Good thing I snapped some pictures on Gertrude before sending it in, eh?

as a wrap, to the side
as a cowl

For other ideas, see my ravelry notebook listing.  The yarn was Imperial Yarn’s Tracie in 114 Dusty Rose.  Loved the color and the yarn – and currently have quite a bit stashed.  The buttons are antique shell lovelies from my grandmother’s stash.

In other news, several patterns are imminently forthcoming from Rose City Knits.   Keep an eye out!

Bonnie Kellswater

So, a couple months ago I received an inquiry for a pattern from none other than Interweave Knits. Not that I’m bragging, I’m still rather perplexed over why they contacted me. Anyway. This week, the Spring 2012 preview went up and the issues went out, so now I can share images!

The first two are courtesy of Interweave Knits



The second two are from the photoshoot I did with Lindsay and Eva in September, as the pattern was originally going to be a Rose City Knits release :)

Bonnie Kellswater 2

Bonnie Kellswater 4

The name, Kellswater, comes from a traditional Irish song which just makes me think of fishermen’s knits every time I hear it (read the lyrics or, better yet, listen to Loreena McKennitt’s version and you’ll get me). The design itself includes some of my favorite Gansey stitch patterns, particularly the Tree of Life and the anchor. I have to admit that I am inordinately proud of this pattern, since I literally made it up on the fly while attending Sock Summit (seriously, TheBon and SinisterSpinster can attest) and then it somehow ended up published.

Weird.  But cool.

If you’d like to fave it or add it to your queue, it’s up on ravelry.

I know I’m terribly behind on the blogging and oh so much has happened since my last update, so look forward to more posts in the coming days – really!

Migraine brain

I spent most of the weekend (yep, the 3-day one) down with a migraine, because I just know how to have fun. Which added up to very little achievement in the not  “laying in the dark” arena.

Though I did finish one thing – the prototype of a new design:

Caulking preview 3
From the front (modelled by Gertrude)
Caulking preview 5
From the back (modelled by Gertrude)

Caulking, so-called by Opus and her Mum because it fills in the gap where your coat leaves off :)

I literally could not make these things up.  (See more photos here)

Sample #2 is currently underway – both knit with Tactile Fiber Arts Sierra Sport.  I quite like this yarn (possibly too much), which is probably going to become ridiculously obvious this Fall.

But that will have to wait as I need to get back to charting.  Knitting will be my reward in a little bit… hopefully.

Worth it. Totally.

It took two hours, but I finally managed to get all the photos from today’s impromptu photoshoot onto flickr in a set: Photos at Picchetti Winery.  If you’re a flickr contact (friend or family), you can see the whole set, including photos for upcoming patterns.  If not, well, here’s a sneak peak at one of the patterns*:


They just don’t come any cuter than TT.

Not that I’m biased or anything.

*Or you can add me as a contact, and I’ll totally friend you.  Completely depends on your level of curiosity and/or patience!

Purple mystery

Remember that purple thing from my last post? Yeah, it’s now blocking on the dining room table:

Purple mystery - corner

Came out MUCH bigger than I thought it would. Due to truly pathetic sun turn-out (the sun wusses out on us above the 45th parallel this time of year), I could only get a couple of detail shots. Maybe I’ll get a full photo tomorrow.

The pattern is my own and I have duly written it up. Now all I need is a tech editor… Hm. I think I might even knit it again, as I did go a little crazy and stock up on the Tosh Merino Light last week.

… I couldn’t help it – it was so sqooshy.

In other news, I wrote up two or three patterns today (brain… melting) and am beginning to wonder how I ever got patterns done without a full day a week devoted to designing. It’s so much easier now, and there are definitely fewer errors on my part.

Continuing on the News theme, we had a lovely Thanksgiving:

Simple Thanksgiving

And I can’t find my size 5 24″ addi Turbos. I KNOW they’re around here, I just can’t locate them. Little monsters.

Because I had time (between basting the turkey and mashing potatoes), I also knit a hat on Thanksgiving Day for our (the store’s) Handknits for Hard Knock Kids clothing drive:

Thankful hat

Knit with Shibui Knits Merino Worsted held together with Handmaiden Casbah Sock for a super-soft and cushy hat. Here’s hoping some little girl out there really LOVES the pink as much as I do :)

I also have collected quite a bit of machine washable yarn…

Yarn for hats

In the hopes of making at least a dozen hats this year. It just breaks my heart to hear how many children are in foster care. I might even make matching mittens, if I have the yarn/ time.

If you’d like to join me, you’d be very welcome, and there’s no denying that the kids deserve something warm and soft and made with love.  Feel free to email me at my work email saram(at)knit-purl(dot)com for details.

But now I must away.  Have to proof the pattern booklet for this yarn before it goes to the printers this week.  Why? you ask – because I have four patterns in it that I am quite proud of and have been slaving away on for months.  Maybe next time Shibui will have given me some spoiler photos.

In three weeks

Yeah, bad blogger, I know. In the last 3 weeks:

1.) I started adding Shibui Socks to ravelry (two patterns left)…

Shibui Socks Belmont (3)

2.) I finished and blocked my Ishbel:


Modeled here by Anna:


3.) Opus received a Golden Rose Award:

Opus shakes hands

4.) And the Jasmine went into overdrive:

Flora bunda

Also (#5), my ankle is slowly healing.  Too slowly, if you ask me.  I’m so bored.  Summer is traditionally my time to hike and do outdoorsy things.  Can’t do that right now.  Even with the Ankle Boot of Doom, I can only walk so long on level ground.

Three years ago today, I took a walk with Emm along the Willamette.  Interestingly enough, it was that same park that inspired a pair of socks my in upcoming booklet.  Which, incidentally, goes to press tomorrow.  Butterflies, me?


I just really want to go for a walk.

So, in other news, I’m actually taking a vacation for the first time in… uh, eighteen months.  While wearing the Walking Boot of Doom, yeah.  I’m just going to have to stay home and keep my foot up.  Lotsa fun, huh?

Time for dinner now.  Wow, been trying to write this post for two hours now.  Keep getting sidetracked.  I bought the entire series of Daria and we’re onto Disc 3.  The entire family has been sucked in.  At least I’m not stuck indoors alone.

Oooh, pizza.  Gotta go.  I’ll be better about posting this week.  Honest.

On the sunny side

Quite literally, this weekend.  Let’s see, positive-ness?

  1. Finished my Sev[en]circle scarf this afternoon, with three yards of yarn left (eek!)
  2. Am soaking big Sis’ b-day socks (admittedly late) to block in 15 mins (woot)
  3. Got five, count ’em, FIVE loads of laundry done today
  4. Figured out how to upsize and downsize several patterns that I have delayed releasing, since they were single sized.  Ha!  Of course, that means all new rounds of test knitting…
  5. Um… two days of sunlight in a row?  Love it!!
  6. Spent most of yesterday basking.

Here, at Tanner Springs Park:

Tanner Springs ParkLovely.

Wherein we saw a Black-chinned Hummingbird, a Song Sparrow, a Barn Swallow, and a Rough-legged Hawk.  All in the middle of the Pearl.  Crazy.  Anyway, Opus and I spent three or four hours there knitting (and designing, me) in the rarest of natural resources in Oregon, sunlight.

Which is why I am noticeably freckelly right now, as seen in Sev[en]circle FO shot:

Finished my sev[en]circle (obligatory cell shot)

Wow, right?  Project specs, just for the sake of ’em:

  • Pattern: Sev[en]circle by assemblage/ Kirsten Johnstone
  • Yarn: The Fibre Co.’s Canopy Fingering in “Macaw”
  • Modifications: Went with the knit cast on instead of the back-loop
  • Notes: I used almost all of the 200 yards per skein of my Canopy, so you might want to take the yardage on the pattern with a grain of salt.

And, if that isn’t enough knitting-ness for you, I have ANOTHER sneak peek inside my upcoming sock book! This time we’ve got the men’s sock pattern, Ankeny, based off of old Fishermen’s sweaters:

(I couldn’t resist… Captain Ankeny, get it?)

Lastly, before I run (must fold more laundry and do, ugh, ironing) remember Birdie?  We-ell, s/he might just have come back!  Last week,  a fledgling sparrow flew into the store when I opened the front door.

S/he didn’t want to leave either – we had to catch it with a towel (again) and release it outside.

After a silly informal poll on the Knit Purl blog, we have decided that the fledgling was Birdie (if only because we say so).  Feel free to disagree if you think otherwise :)

I’ll be back later (this week) with some interesting news.  Until then, what do you think of the new blog layout?  I was getting sick of the old one cutting off pictures and stuff…


Where did December go?

I agree with Opus, we need to just write 2009 off and get started with 2010 early.  What a strange year this has been.  Freak snow storms, summer temps above 109F!, and THREE fiber festivals in town (it only sounds fun if you don’t have to work them all).  Not to mention the H1N1 (thank you again, Kristin for sharing that gem) and what I’m now calling MV2.

The ‘mystery virus’ that has had me down for the count for the past two weeks.  I’ve been fighting it off for longer than that (a month, maybe?), but my body finally surrendered utterly and completely on the 12th.  I remember the date exactly because I lost my voice for three days and had to have my Dad call work to tell them I was all but dead.  Fun, huh?

I’m getting better now (no fussing!), mostly due to some fun hardcore drugs that took two doctors appointments and a chest x-ray to match up.  Apparently the prescription cough syrup and inhaler weren’t the right meds for the job.  Go figure.  But I can breathe again (woot!) and am actually (mostly) functioning again.  I even folded laundry today (for someone who could barely go up the stairs for a week, that’s huge).

Which is why I’m trying to catch up a month’s worth of stuff in one post.  Well, all one can do is try, right?

First!  I have a new pattern for all y’all that I’ve been wanted to share for some time now.  Presenting… the Sqooshy Scarf (free pattern!):


Download now on ravelry.

And, yes, Opus and I just might have been imbibing alcohol when we came up with that lame name.  We know.  But it is sqooshy, so the name stuck.  I love it, it’s warm (really, really warm), was very quick to knit and super -soft because of the yarn I used – Fleece Artist’s Slubby Blue, one skein in “Morgana” and one in “Forest Fairie”. (Please note: I am not linking to Knit Purl in some cheazy attempt at merchandising, I simply can’t find a decent photo of this awesome yarn on Fleece Artist’s website, alas.  Check it out, they only have one little thumbnail… sad).

Anyway.  That photo (and others) were taken at the McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon, in McMinnville, after Opus and I had hit Woodland Woolworks in a mad attempt to find blocking wires for her Grandmother’s Hemlock Ring Blanket (Christmas gift).  While there… well, I fell off the bandwagon.  They had four balls of Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran (a yarn we don’t carry, incidentally, so it’s not, like… infidelity) in the most lovely color, “Claret”:

Fence Vest
Which, um, didn’t photograph too well.  Yes, it was probably user error.  I’m currently working on a Fence vest that is more than half done.  This thing is addicting.  The yarn is evil.  I started on Tuesday and already have the back finished and the front cast on.

As we were thumbing through their lace pattern binders (at WW), Opus spotted something interesting that (strangely) made her more excited than me.  We had to take a photo:

If you look, closely, you can see my Architect’s Sock pattern hanging out there with patterns by Beth Brown-Reinsel and The Heirloom Knitter.  It was kind of funny and a little weird.

Next, as we were relaxing at McMenamin’s (our quest fulfilled), I snapped a shot of the scarf Opus was making for her coworker:

I promised her I’d post it, so she’d have it for her ravelry journal.  And, look, all these weeks later, I remembered!  That’s a minor miracle, honestly.

Second, on the list of things to report – the Finished List.  Having spent two weeks in bed (or on the couch), with only yarn to prevent suicide attempts (seriously, I was ready to try anything to stop the coughing).  Recently finished:

  1. Sabine
  2. Malabrigo Vest
  3. Another pair of Nemo Mitts
  4. An awesome sock/ stocking for ShibuiKnits that I can’t show you yet.  Oh, cruel Fate!

Still ongoing:

  • Seed Rib Winterset
  • Fence vest
  • Handknits For Hard Knock Kids hat&mitten sets – four of them.  I’m mostly done with the first set, but have been avoiding this group of WIPs because I don’t want to be responsible for sending half of the children in the Oregon Foster Care system to the hospital with MV2.  Just imagine the headlines.  Oy.
  • My What’sIt (don’t ask)
  • And a whole bunch of socks.

Patterns in progress: oh, a lot.  I have so many it’s getting hard to keep track any more.  I’m going to need a spreadsheet.

Am I making any sense?  I’m still on the hard drugs for another two days (keep your fingers crossed that this’ll be the end of MV2) and have been a little looped lately.  Oh, well.  Only two days to go!  And, with it being 11pm, I think I’d better take my nasty cough syrup and fall into bed.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and will enjoy their weekends!  I plan on staying inside, where it’s warm, and knitting my fingers off.  I have tons of stuff to finish for work and ShibuiKnits.  Until next time, stay toasty!

uh… free pattern, anyone?

Trying to distract you from the fact that I have been laying flat on my face for the past two weeks. Lame, I know. Imagine how boring it’s been for me.   I have the flu again.  Or maybe it never went away and the last fortnight has simply been an extended infection.  Who knows?

Anyway.  I have been managing to haul my sorry tuckus into work (most of the time) and one of my most recent Robitussin-inspired moments involved publishing another free Gratis Knits (yes, that was redundant) pattern.  You can get it here.

Also, somewhere in there (it’s all a little fuzzy right now), I finished T’s children’s bolero:

Tegan's bolero

Which I really want to see modeled on T.  But I’ve been waiting to, ah, sanitize it since I don’t want handknits to be associated with the creepy crud.  Just imagine the trauma.

Oh, well.  Things have been progressing here… slowly.  Mum’s cashmere lace scarf has a good 18″ on it, I finished a sock last night (my own pattern), and I’m working on a pattern booklet for ShibuiKnits.  But that’s hush, hush.  I’m also working on a new pattern series for the blog – both free and, well, not – that I hope to have started putting up by the New Year.  I really need to find a pattern editor…  maybe I could find someone who would work for yarn?

Hmm.  It looks like I have a lot set out for me.  And that doesn’t even include the laundry – which I am falling behind on.  And on that note, I should go empty the dryer.  I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

It’s out, it’s up and it’s finally done!

You may have seen that the new Knitty is up, but unless you have an obsession with tracking designers, you might not know, but…  my socks are in this issue!!  {squee}  It was so stressful – the submission, the waiting, the tech editing, taking photos with Liz – but now it feels like it was more than worth the strain and effort.

So, here’s introducing my Absinthe socks.  Like the blurb reads, I really do want to do a series of socks based off of Art Noveau artists.  And maybe a Renaissance series.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  I’ve been considering a William Morris sock for awhile actually…

Anyway, here’s the “cover” photo:

Cover photo

And, one of my favorite pics that was, alas, not included:


And, finally, the one with the faux Gothic arches from the First Presbyterian Church down the street from the store:

I’m so glad that’s done.   And, before I commit a major faux pas, let me please thank Bonnie for taking my portrait and Liz and Lindsay for being my models.

In other news, the store’s annual Spring Sale starts tomorrow and I am dreading the masses in a way hitherto unseen, mostly because I’ve agreed to teach three of the free mini-workshops on Saturday.  Since I know how to knit Continental and Brioche (in two ways), it didn’t seem like too big of a deal to fill in for our very ill Fearless Leader.  But, ah, the Chinese Knots class is not coming along as well as one might like.  Eeep.

And, OMG, my handspinning classes start next week and I am so not prepared.  Seriously.  Do I have flax and cotton ready for my students?  No.  Beads?  Nope.  And don’t even ask about the final class at a local farm.  Oy.  I bet you can guess what I’ll be doing on Monday (my rearranged day off).

Pray for us, it’s going to be a looong weekend.

(P.S. am working on Jared’s Porom hat and loving it; am nearly done with Karen’s socks and think I might have an idea for the Sock Club’s sock!  Life is always good when there’s knitting.)