In three weeks

Yeah, bad blogger, I know. In the last 3 weeks:

1.) I started adding Shibui Socks to ravelry (two patterns left)…

Shibui Socks Belmont (3)

2.) I finished and blocked my Ishbel:


Modeled here by Anna:


3.) Opus received a Golden Rose Award:

Opus shakes hands

4.) And the Jasmine went into overdrive:

Flora bunda

Also (#5), my ankle is slowly healing.  Too slowly, if you ask me.  I’m so bored.  Summer is traditionally my time to hike and do outdoorsy things.  Can’t do that right now.  Even with the Ankle Boot of Doom, I can only walk so long on level ground.

Three years ago today, I took a walk with Emm along the Willamette.  Interestingly enough, it was that same park that inspired a pair of socks my in upcoming booklet.  Which, incidentally, goes to press tomorrow.  Butterflies, me?


I just really want to go for a walk.

So, in other news, I’m actually taking a vacation for the first time in… uh, eighteen months.  While wearing the Walking Boot of Doom, yeah.  I’m just going to have to stay home and keep my foot up.  Lotsa fun, huh?

Time for dinner now.  Wow, been trying to write this post for two hours now.  Keep getting sidetracked.  I bought the entire series of Daria and we’re onto Disc 3.  The entire family has been sucked in.  At least I’m not stuck indoors alone.

Oooh, pizza.  Gotta go.  I’ll be better about posting this week.  Honest.

chamomile and spearmint

“Thank G-d for tea! What would the world do without tea? How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.”
Sir Philip Sidney

Now, I’m not quite that devoted to my evening tea, but I do appreciate it. I’m brewing some chamomile/ spearmint tea right now, in hopes of it making me sleepy. And if it doesn’t work, at least I really like chamomile, right? I wish we had some in the garden. I loved Brookside Gardens back home (D.C.) because there was this old English-style garden, and between the flagstones chamomile had been planted, so it was amazingly fragrant wherever you stood.

Back to our garden. I suppose even the most fragrant herb wouldn’t have helped me today (the mystery herb didn’t help, that’s for sure) as I took out the most tenacious grass I’ve ever encountered. I also got out as much of the plum tree roots as I could (again, this thing’s a weed itself!). It helped that the weather’s been rainy the past few days, so the soil was loose.

I was muddier than an earthworm by the time I was done, but hey, the grass and roots were gone from one of the beds (two, now) – only two to go!

After that, Dad, Emm and I went on the Mad Sneaker Hunt of 2007. It wasn’t quite as exciting or daring as The Great Apron Hunt of 2006, but it came close. I ended up with 2 pairs of Sketchers sneakers (my first new pair(s!) of trainers in, er, 3 years, I think). I also found some cute sandals. We ended up in Springfield (10 points to me as navigator) to find the second pair at a sister store.

In the end, it was Dad who suggested getting me the second pair – after we went through nearly every damn brand in the store. In European sizes, I’m a 37/8. But, in American, well, only G-d knows. I fit 6’s – 7.5’s.

Shoe standards?

I think not.

In Knitting News – I finally found replacement needles for this project:

And before you ask, no, I did NOT sit on it. I have absolutely no fricking idea how the needle ended up that way. I had it in my sling backpack, and I pull out the project to work on and… well, wow. I tried bending it back, but it didn’t work. And I shall use it to poke the first person to suggest Viagra.

I’m gonna transfer the stole to the new needles tomorrow later today. And now my tea is cool enough to drink.

MMM… chamomile.

I think I love my family

… though, at this rate, I may just have to strangle them all in their sleep.

Mum came this morning to visit. After a nap, she immediately started criticizing every. single. bloody. thing. in the house. How we were storing unused items. How dirty the floor was. Why were the china and pots and pans all stored together? Why were there dirty dishes stacked on the counters?

How about because we’ve been working our asses off doing things like weeding, hauling crap off to the dump/ yard refuse place, and moving shite out to the storage shed.

Dad and Emmett finally concocted an excuse to escape (I decided to do laundry). Then, whilst weeding she managed to throw dirt and weeds on my head at least 3 x I can recall. Carelessness or passive aggressive?

I kept snapping at her, because a headfull of dirt isn’t my idea of fun. She kept telling me not to take it personally. Right. Arguments ensued.

Over dinner (which should have been nice), she and Dad started arguing. I ordered a cease-fire, both parties ignored me, and kept snapping and snarling.


I decided to ignore them both and cast on another test pair of spox (this time for the “alternate” pattern), until Mum finished her meal and we left. I then shoved the yarn and needles into my bag (bad, bad idea) only to seriously regret it later. It took me over 1/2 an hour to create order from the chaos and start knitting.


At least I finally got my bath, right? (If we ignore the fact that I had to scrub the tub out twice, because Mum had plopped the grouting bucket down in it, creating a nice, gritty mess)

As I said, I think I love my family.

[P.S. Emm got an iPod today (finally!!) and of course spent the day walking around with his headphones in, trying to talk to people whilst listening to music. He’d also announce at odd moments what he was listening to, and why it rocked.]

{I need a vacation from these people}

mulch and matzoh

What do they have in common, aside from being flavorless and stiff? Well, that’s about it, actually. Today, Dad and I turned this into this:

Eventually these benches’ll be placed in there:

But right now, I am determined to sit very very quietly. And still. I’ve done my fair share of the weeding and need a break. Possibly in Hawaii.

Mum arrived this afternoon for Pesach. We’re not doing a Seder tonight, we just don’t have the energy or the materials (blasphemy I know). Tomorrow night, tho, we’re doing the Second Night Seder. I’ve already taken in the votes, and it’ll be a little unconventional (turkey breast instead of lamb). St M is coming over. Hopefully we’ll find a place everyone can sit (Dad’s determined that the oak floors shall remain untouched and pure and candidates for placement in the Temple of Vesta) and eat together. My one request is Matzoh Ball soup. It’s my only food request. We’re definitely doing my 1-hour Seder, though, just because.

Otherwise, that’s it for today. I want to take a nap…

wow, more pictures of weeds

“A flower falls, even though we love it; and a weed grows, even though we do not love it.” (Dogen)

My blogging skills are, like, the best, aren’t they? I just psychically knew that all y’all out there are secretly hankering for more pictures of our weedy garden. (don’t worry, rain is coming tonight, so I’ll actually have interesting content tomorrow)

So, progress made today… We took this weedy patch of earth:

Oh, look, Emm’s wacky again,

And, back to the weeds that I know you long for, we turned the plot into this:

Emmett’s antics aside, we moved 5 very large pots, weeded like we needed to plant enough grain to support Eugene, and put down topsoil. We were so exhausted (all of us) that for a half hour afterwards we just sat on the steps and tried to regain our breath. After that (whilst the boys were moving said honking huge pots to the other side of the garden), I got up my backbone and decided to tackle the rose bushes.

“You are going to leave enough behind, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Dad. You know that the more I prune -“

“The thicker they come back,” he chorused with me. He still watched me like a hawk as I cut off entire branches (our rose bushes are flourishing and actually killing the surrounding flora) and deadheaded every dead flower in sight. Within 30 mins, I had managed to get them back into order:

The above shows the 2 intentionally planted rose bushes. Plus a cherry tree and a baby rose bush that, err, I don’t think is supposed to be there. Can roses propagate on their own?? Aren’t most rose breeds wonky about that?

I was horrified to find today, as I worked on the northern beds, that the passion flower had not just grown exponentially, it had seeded and those tendrils we thought came from the original plant were from 3 others!! Bugger. I can’t believe what these plants have been up to. The artichoke has also seeded another one. It’s tiny, and I stepped on it, but it’s there. And don’t get me started on the lilies and irises. They’re like bunnies.

Ohwell. It’s slowly getting under control. Everyone is exhausted, and I think that even Dad (although secretly) is relieved by the oncoming rain. I mean, seriously, we need a break.

And, I think that I shall now go and spin something… Or knit. Knitting is good. I got 3 rows done on the left spock today, while we were waiting in line at the yarn debris drop-off point. Impressive, huh?

oh, look!, more plants…

I think the stress of the move is getting to my brother…

Right. Quick update:

  • I am very sore. My Dad and brother claim the same.
  • The bed of the truck is chock full of plant debris we’ll be getting rid of tomorrow.
  • I hate dandelions. A LOT.
  • I have knit 2 rows on the left spock today, and doubt I’ll manage more. I’m sorry this is taking so long, Ilsa, but the pattern’ll be a couple days more…
  • I think this is lilac. Anyone? Yay or nay?
  • This, I have no idea.
  • Baby T’s wraplan is finally not running any more. It only took 4 soapy washes and quite a few more rinses. The buttons don’t look too out of place, either, thank goodness.
  • I want to go back to bed, and I’ve only been up for 2 hours (nap, nap was good).

That is all.


Now welcom somer, with thy sonne softe
That hast this wintres weders over-shaker
And driven awey the longe nightes blake!
(attributed to Chaucer, sung by the Mediaeval Baebes)

Before we get to the terrifying weeds, let us rejoice over a finished object! (and sun, sun is good) I finished the wraplan for baby T tonight! It’s currently blocking in the laundry room, but here’s a pic of it after being steamed for the purposes of being photographed:

It’s done! It’s done! Project specs:

  • Yarn: JoAnn Sensations Bellezza: Smania
  • Gauge: 5 sts/ inch on US 8’s
  • Size: 12 months/ 22″ (I think, I’d have to check)
  • Started: I have absolutely no idea
  • Finished: March 25, 2007
  • Recipient: baby T

I’m gonna try and send it by the end of the week, and demand a modeled photograph. I still haven’t gotten a pic of little D in the gansey, and I need to mention that to A.

Stuff that happened earlier today:

  1. As I went through my Peace Corps medical eval forms I noticed that one of the forms wasn’t signed by my general practitioner. I will. Not. Scream.
  2. I actually, finally!, got a load of laundry done.
  3. I got a nasty splinter in my foot whilst weeding and paring down The Beast (also known as our passion fruit vine):
Evil little monster.

I also managed not to scream when I saw these little pests on the side of my garden waste bin:

well, until I saw this one:(it was as big as Lapis! *shudder*)

At the sharp pain in my foot and severe heeby-jeebies, I went inside. Sat down and knit (finished) baby T’s wraplan. While working away, Dad and I watched 3 episodes of Planet Earth. It was really good. The photography was amazing. And Sigourney Weaver makes a great narrator.

Then we watched the series finale of ROME. Twas good. But, I feel incumbent to mention, not entirely accurate. But good. Poor Vorenus. I also have to mention that I didn’t like how they made Augustus seem like a sociopath. But, again, otherwise quite good. It’s sad to see it end.

Also, I have to agree with Maura. I think that An Inconvenient Truth would have been better (and a little less, well, manipulative) without Gore’s life story and personal tragedies on display. That was just tacky.

And that is all. I think I shall spin a bit.