The Night of Handknit Socks

Well… 3 pair*. But that makes for a less dramatic title, doesn’t it?

Tonight was my last “Guild” meeting. Not that it’s been a guild for a long time (give or take a year), but we keep calling our weekly get-together such out of habit. Because I’m about to leave town, I had a bag full of things to give to Emmos (posters for her new house, tapestry bobbins for her next weaving classes, etc – and a pair of handknit socks). The socks, alas, no longer fit me after one of my relatives managed to shrink them in the wash. They were always a bit tight (gauge? what gauge?), but now they’re simply a size too small.

Luckily, Emmos is a shoe-size smaller than I, so the socks fit her:

Emmos, seemingly very excited, immediately put the socks on (with her sandal – a true Eugenian to the bone) and wore them home. Before that, however, one of us noticed that St M was wearing her latest FO’s – the tulip lace socks from Lace Style. And, as I tried on my Jaywalkers (frustrated with trying to measure their length the conventional way), St M insisted we get a picture of our handknit sock glory:

Okay, she may not have said the word “glory”. In any case, the Jaywalkers are nearly done (can you tell?). At this very moment I’m on the last toe decrease. I just need to finish them up tonight so I can figure out my next sock project for Madame deFarge’s tomorrow. I hear the siren call of two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in ‘Seaside’ calling my name.

Suggestions? I was thinking Hedera…

*2.9, in all honesty.


“It is a good and gentle religion, but inconvenient.”
Mark Twain

TheBon brought it to my attention that it sounded (from yesterday’s post) as though I had been unbearably rude during the Good Friday service. I was not. In fact, I think I was very well behaved. I did not make any disparaging remarks* until we left the church (I have Views about being rude/ disruptive during any religious ceremony, or in any place of worship). After we left I did, I admit, make some angry comments to Emmos about the service (practically in Parseltongue, I was hissing so much). And the congregates that I mentioned who were offended bloody well shouldn’t have been listening in on our conversation, anyway. Eavesdropping isn’t good manners, so pfft to them. It wasn’t as if I stood in the middle of the church and screamed that they were all anti-Semites and should be ashamed of themselves (which I’m not implying, stop villianizing me :P).

TheBon and I met today (supposedly for Guild, but we were all by ourselves) where she practically scolded me. I explained what happened and then we got into a debate about modern Theology. In the end, we agreed on the fact that it’s all f*cked because no one seems to want to get along. Seriously, would it kill them?**

The merits of Paganism were also discussed and set aside. Too impractical.

And, I feel I should mention that I’m in a much better mood now, anyway. I even smiled at the Starbuck’s barrista when she wished me a “Happy Easter” and wished her the same as I walked away.

See? I’m not that bitchy. Not really.

Today was a long day. Everyone was cranky (including me) because nothing seemed to be working right. My beloved Kitchen Aid stopped working. I nearly cried, and it was the fact that I was near tears for a couple of hours that finally prompted Dad to start working on the thing.

I admit I was very upset when I confronted him after several failed attempts to get the thing started. 4 plugs and no go, and I was edging on hysterics. I need my Kitchen Aid. Dad insisted that nothing had been done to it whilst I was away, and that it had to be my fault that it wasn’t working.

This theory didn’t fly, nor was it received well.

“You’re taking this really badly,” he remarked. An hour later, he finally admitted to me that it had been left on the back porch, w/o any covering by the painters, while I was gone. Fabulous. Eventually it started working again (after 3 tearful hours), and I calmed down a bit.

By that time I had to leave to go to Guild. And, well, TheBon and I got lots of knitting done on our socks – her Jaywalkers and my second Spock. The toe of mine is completely done and the buttonhole gusset has been picked up. Just 9 rows to go, some ends to weave end, buttons to put on and I’ll be done.

Woot :D And that is all, before I manage to offend anyone else…

*although I did make a couple of faces at Emmos, who returned them – we were mostly nonplussed by a certain pastor’s “meditations” about modern heroes.

**I include the Jews in this – particularly some people I’ve met who won’t so much as talk to non-Jews, or have called me a heretic for suggesting that Palestinians have as much right to Israeli land as Jewish settlers.

I love being right

“Human life is as evanescent as the morning dew or a flash of lightning.”
Samuel Butler (doesn’t exactly relate to this post, but I liked it, so here it is)

TheBon came over to dye the cloths for her place-settings today. We think it was successful, hard to tell when they’re still wet, though. Hopefully (cross you’re fingers for her, y’all! please?), they’ll be exactly what she wants/ needs.

After that we went to “Guild” (it’s really just TheBon, Emmos, St M and I at this point). TheBon had to leave early, after which St M let it drop that she had been on a date with so-and-so. HA! I might have startled the sorority chicks sitting nearby with my jubilant, “I KNEW it!”, but it’s so gratifying to be right every so often. Emmos was puzzled, because she hadn’t met the man in question. St M distracted us, and it took us 3 tries to hear everything. Well. We shall have to wait and see.

Okay, this might seem weird, but both Emmos and I are just not dating right now (blarg) (unless you count our “date” with each other a last week…), TheBon is getting married, I think D is anti-dating right now, L is engaged, and so I really only have St M to focus my Jewish-mother instincts on. Pity her, I suppose.

Moving on. I finished knitting the left spock today – I just need to find buttons for it. I had trouble, I realised, because I changed the number of buttons and the gauge to a wonky number. S’all my fault. But, writing out the pattern should be much easier now. (I also cast on the right spock).

And, guess what?, today is Flash Your Stash day! Woot. It took me four photographs (I don’t have a large surface to lay it all out on…), but I got most of it (who wants to see a pic of Electra’s or Shawn’s fleeces again, anyway??). Here we go. First, the lace and sock yarns:

The yarns I have no idea what I’m doing with…

The roving that is too beautiful for words…

And, the “projects” pile, some of which are actually cast on/ swatched:

I counted everything, and discovered to my own amazement (and joy!) that I have:

  • 142 balls/ skeins/ cones of yarn
  • 20 lbs of fiber (including fleeces)

Not too bad, eh? I saw worse numbers on Craftster. I admit that a month ago my stash was a terrifying creature, but I cut it in half… mwahaha. I also set up a stash management spreadsheet on Google documents. I’m hoping it’ll help me keep track of everything – I put in the yarn, amount, and intended projects. And, below that, all the spinning fiber.

And, as a closing note: if you can catch the Deserts episode of Planet Earth, there’s a bit on Guanaco. Really, really cool. I explained to Dad how cool they were, and how their undercoats were collected on cacti, fences, etc across Chile, etc.

knotty knitters and a hat

I’ll buy my love some flannel, I’ll make my love a shroud
And every stitch I put in it, the tears they will pour down
With every stitch I put in it, how the tears will flow
Cruel fate has put an end to his growing

Anon/ traditional

I have no idea why, but this ballad appeals to me tonight.

Anyway. The Tea Cozy Hat is finished. TheBon kindly offered to photograph it for me, and the tiny bit of yarn that I had left once it was finished (eep!):

And, an “action” shot:See? I have been losing weight
(just… extremely slowly)

And here’re some shots of the Knotty Knitters girls (from tonight)…

Can you tell which one was taken by me and the other by TheBon? I bet you can, her’s doesn’t suck ;D

And back to business. Lemme see, lemme see. Quick update:

  • I still need to make that soup
  • La Primavera stole is coming along nicely. Alas, I might need more yarn… Oy.
  • An accord has been reached with the parents. The finally agree that the possibility of me not getting hired at MoC will not cause the Apocalypse. We have agreed that my tickets to SF WILL be bought tomorrow, come Hell or high water. Seriously. I don’t care if I have to stand down Satan himself at this point.
  • The Corset-A-Long starts tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.
  • 22 participants in the Hogwarts Houses Swap
  • I am a bad organizer, or was, for the Handspun Swap. I’m not nagging enough, I admit it.
  • I just may have to strangle Bon’s MIL
  • Rome and Extras kick @ss this season
  • The Guild is going to start meeting at Starbucks now, instead of on campus.
  • And my foot is feeling much better now, thank you everyone, and hopefully I shall somehow manage to make it to 100 mi by April 1 despite my recent bipedal issues.