socks, finished!

Headache. Tired. But, look, socks:

  • Start date: 12/06/2007
  • Finish date: 12/20/2007
  • Pattern used: I made it up as I went
  • Yarn: ShibuiKnits Sock in “Autumn” and ShibuiKnits cash-sock
  • Needles: US 1.5/ 2.5mm (2 22” circulars)

Stayed up late last night for the holiday Sip’n’Stitch/ Food Drive (got home around midnight?), but achieved good things. Like finished socks (see above). And another swatch for my next attempt at socks for Maggie.

I also wanted to mention that I got a really cool package from Penny but have flaked 3(?) days in a row with the taking of a picture in natural lighting. Bad me. Thank you, Penny!

Um, and I’m also getting paid to blog now – over here. Not too big a deal, but I’m splitting my time between the two, so that should explain why I’m not updating here as often as I’d like. I’m only doing ‘store stuff’ there (while at work), and personal stuff here (at home). Thus, effectively not devoting enough time to either.  Am I completely babbling?

Yes. Time to stop.  Bye.

mmm… pink

Today was a long day, but it made up for it by being very quick and resulting in gorgeous yarn. Knit/Purl is doing a limited series of naturally dyed sock yarns (100% superwash fingering weight, really), which are being dyed locally at Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks. I’ve been lusting after them since D first showed me the samples two weeks ago. The line finally went on the shelves tonight. Instead of grabbing two skeins for two different sets of socks, a rare insight hit me. I just bought the pattern for Seraphim, by Miriam Felton, and didn’t have yarn for it.

Ahh, I love my staff discount:


The yarn is so pretty. Unfortunately, I won’t get to play with it until Jan 15 (pout) because of all the commissioned work I have to turn in… (sigh). But, hey, I have it and it’s in the stash and it’s MINE. And I might just have enough yarn left over (385 yards per skein!) to make a pair of socks, anyway.

After snagging the object(s) of my desire, I took a shot of tonight’s Sip’n’Stitch, for which we ran out of seats (again):


This is becoming an interesting trend. I plan on lobbying for a lounge area. I am determined to find a way to fit it into the floorplan.  We need a couch, darnit.

Other stuff? The chocolate crawl/ unBirthday Party has been tentatively rescheduled for Sunday, so Terrisa can come. And, to explain to my confused readers, a chocolate crawl is like a pub crawl – except we’ll be hitting chocolateries and patisseries like, oh, Pix. I vividly remember my last visit to Pix. I had the Amelie. It’s actually hard not to drool at the recollection.

Also, MORE good news. D, trying to encourage me to take on more hours, mentioned today that if I work 30 hours +/ per week I get health insurance. Well, that’s definitely good news. Now all I have to do is NOT spend my paycheck in one place… And find time to design and knit for, you know, everyone.

Ooh! my laptop is due to arrive on Monday. I need to get a bag for it (and my new dayplanner, courtesy of Leslie -who, incidentally, spent a half hour planning the next two months of my schedule for me, bless her). Maybe that’s what I’ll do on Saturday…

But, right now, it’s time for bed. ‘Night.


The ShiBuiKnits Spocks pattern is done. Done, done, done. No more editing for me. I’ve sent it to the editor in RTF format and turned in both calf-high spocks and kneehigh spock #1. Sandy, at Knit Purl, commanded me to send the editor the pattern tonight. And I did. And it’s done.

“Done”. I love that word.

Wow, that’s a weight that’s been lifted.

Tonight’s Sip’n’Knit was as fantastic as ever. Leslie got overrun by knitters with questions (my former knitting-teacher-self rejoiced over this, you have no idea). We, the group, discussed everything under the sun. Somehow Latin and Greek kept coming up (bad me), but someone would mention that they didn’t know what a name or word meant and I had to translate it.

Well, we finally had to leave Knit Purl cuz it was, er, closing. So J and Opus and I went to Whole Foods, bought dessert (cranberry spice cake!!) and parked in the cafe section:

Dessert knitters

Only to be thrown out an hour later cuz they were closing. A good time was had by all, in any case. From there we went to our separate TriMet transits and home, I assume. So, here I sit after sending in the pattern and feeling almost accomplished.

It’s a nice feeling. I’m going to bask in it for the evening. Because tomorrow… well, tomorrow I have to start on Clara. Like, uh, knitting it. The pattern’s almost done, which means it’s time to start knitting it.

But, right now, that doesn’t matter. I’m going to work on something and bask in the word “done” ^_^

the sweet and the bitter

I am brain-dead and exhausted and overfed in the worst best way. But, Mum’s shawl has finished blocking, so I can comfort myself with how lovely it looks. Bless Cat for modeling it for me:



Project Specs:

  • Cast on: Um, August 2006?
  • Blocked: September 2007 (don’t judge me)
  • Yarn: Knit Pick’s “Shadow” in Oregon Coast
  • Pattern: The Yarn Harlot’s “Snowdrop Shawl”
  • Recipient: Mum
  • Modifications: inserted the traditional Shetland lace pattern “Falling Leaves” and changed the border.

Aside from needing a model, I brought it to tonight’s Sip’n’Knit just to prove to the girls that I DO knit other things than socks. Not many other things, admittedly, but it DOES happen. Neider.

The bitter? Mum felted her spocks. (weep) I didn’t know that the wool in Panda Wool isn’t superwash, so I didn’t tell her to handwash them. They’re tiny now:


They shrank from 7.5 sts/ inch to 9.25 sts/ inch. It hurts to look at them. I don’t even know what to do with ’em now, either. And Mum’s already requesting a replacement pair. Normally I’d tell her tough luck, but I feel partially responsible for not investigating the Panda Wool more :(

We drowned our sorrows in chocolate at Pix. I tried the Amelie, which won the Patis France Chocolat Competition. I can’t even describe eating it. It was like reaching nirvana. I actually started having a physical nervous reaction from the overwhelming chocolate-ness of it all. Dear G-d.

Still, even the chocolate and the sympathy of The Girls wasn’t enough. I needed comfort food. Strange how my definition of comfort food is… broad. We went to a new restaurant, down the street from Knit/Purl, called Habibi. I love Lebanese food. Seriously, there isn’t enough hummus and tahini in the world for me. Opus loves Lebanese, so we decided to make a treat of it. We got traditional peach juice (fresh squeezed with rose water and lemon juice!), falafel mezza AND the largest bowl of panna cotta I have ever seen. The look on Opus’ face (and the couple next to us, too) was worthy of a snapshot:


The waiter joked that it was for the four of us to share.

The couple next to us stared at it and the lady replied, “I don’t think even we can help you finish that!”

It was really good though. The leftovers I brought home were snarfled up right quickly. And Opus’ panna cotta was so sweet and light it practically floated. Yum. I will definitely be hitting this place again.

Anyway. Other news? I changed the blog’s layout again. But I’m much happier with it now. Eventually I’ll get it to where I’m perfectly satisfied. Maybe. Hopefully, right?

Tomorrow night is Kol Nidre. Time to repent. I need to find something white to wear and pull out my tallis.

And Sunday is the Sheep-to-Shawl demonstration. I’ve borrowed a table loom from Opus’ mum (bless her), and she even gave me some wool warp. All I need to do is find the time to wind the warp and put half of it on – I’m thinking of leaving the other half off for the demo. We’ll see.

So much to do. Oy. Maybe Hashem will grant me some common sense in the new year. If I’m lucky ^_^

well, I do declare

The tacky Versailles fan was pulled out today, the heat and humidity had returned so oppressively. To further illustrate my point, the Versailles fan was purchased (funnily enough) at Versailles on a very hot, very un-A/C’d, very French day. It’s gilded plastic and printed fabric of Romantic-style ladies, trimmed with gold lace. Very few things in the world come tackier than this fan. Which is one of the reasons it survived the trip across Europe (buried in the depths of my luggage where not even the stoutest pick-pocket would venture), and why it still lives to emerge on unbearable days even now.

You can easily understand why I didn’t want to be seen in public with the Versailles fan, once we escaped Paris, so that makes my decision to actually carry it out in public here, in America, that much more illuminating.

Today was hot.

Thank goodness we have A/C. Alas, I couldn’t take the A/C unit with me on the bus or into downtown Portland, so I spent as much time as I could frantically working on ShiBui Pea-Spock #1 at home:


(the photo is blurry because I was in such a rush to finish. right.)

I ended ripping out the heel 2 times and tinking back this heel twice as well. No one can say I don’t take my knitting seriously, I guess. To keep my sanity from completely slipping away, periodic breaks were alloted. One couldn’t exactly call them “rewards” – seriously, who wants to clean or wash the dog? But, I managed to make it through the day without ripping my hair out.

Oh, and if you see me on the ASPCA’s Most Wanted List, it’s because Charlie’s howling could be heard in Idaho when we washed him this afternoon. From the noise he made you’d think we were using lye soap and a wire-brush, for goodness sake. And the resistance? Oy, don’t get me started.

Moving on.

I brought Miss Lizzy’s Spencer to tonight’s Sip ‘n’ Knit and snagged Teresa as my model:


It was a little big on her, but she totally worked it:


I’m still working on finishing the pattern, but at least now I have photos for it when I do finish. After everything else, anyway.

And can I honestly say I escaped Knit/Purl tonight without purchasing yarn?

No. My Habu organzine silk arrived a week or two ago and I finally remembered that while I was in the store tonight. W00T. Yarn p0rn will be shared tomorrow. This little lovely deserves a photo shoot all to itself.

Now I shall go forth and contemplate the nature of button bands and socks. An’ whe’er the twain weur e’er meant ta meet.

gabbing away

Feet blistered. But it was definitely worth it. I’m all by my lonesome right now; taking care of the dog, doing laundry, cleaning, knitting. Well, knitting tends to get done more than the other activities on the list. The Family is away and I am blissfully alone right now.

Well, almost. Charlie is a border collie mutt. Charlie is incredibly neurotic. Charlie chews on his feet when Mum and Dad are away. I could pet him all day long, and he’d still chew on them. The thought of slipping him some Prozac crossed my mind several times today.

Sooo… I took him out into the back yard and threw his squeaky toy around until he wouldn’t run for it anymore. He’d just stand there, panting, looking at me like, “Aren’t you gonna go get that?”

Which was when I led him back inside and let him collapse. An exhausted border collie is a much less neurotic border collie.

And, while I was outside, I took a photo of Colinette’s progress:

Colinette 1 progress

Umm, Colinette is going on hold since I haven’t designed the heel yet. I didn’t think I’d get to it so fast, honestly. The mitigating factor in it’s progress has to do with the fact that I have too many WIPs and too many WIP bags containing them – so I grabbed the wrong project on the way out the house.

On the way to tonight’s Sip ‘n’ Knit I had planned to work on the Slightly Twisted Sock 2, and then on Bean’s present 3 at Knit/ Purl. Instead, I worked on Bean’s present on the bus (not the best idea, I admit), and Colinette 1 at the store. (sigh)

Some projects really aren’t meant for travel. (But, because of the bus-time, I’m 1/2 way through Bean’s, uh, thingy and will be able to ship the set off soon! Thus proving that I am not a deadbeat, but just need more time than G-d has deemed to give me everyday. Okay, admittedly, this is my fault. I should have considered the ramifications of knitting something at 9.5 sts/ inch.)

Anyway. Moving on.

D, at Knit/ Purl, gave me 4 skeins of ShiBui Sock yarn for the ShiBui Spocks pattern. I got to go into the Inner Sanctum of the Bat Cave ShiBui (Knit/ Purl) yarn storage rooms. (drool) I was good, I only looked and touched everything and drooled and went “ooh” and “ahh” a lot.

Is it so wrong that I wanted to move into the ShiBui stock room?

No, of course not.

Other news? Not much. Mum caught a newt for me (in Eugene). How funny. It was hiding in the outdoor workbench we have at the house in Eugene. So, she called me up and described it – asking me to find out what it’s habitat and diet were. Right. Have you ever tried to identify an animal using just the internet and another person’s description?

Probably not. Most people must be more sensible than us.

We’ve decided to name him (her?) Fig.

Must. Stay. Awake.

Q: Why have I moved to wordpress (again)?

A: Because they host PDF files and have a number of other pros. I do wish they had an HTML editor like Blogger, but one can’t have everything. Expect this site to be a WIP in itself for the next month or two.


Finally fell asleep at 5 am this morning. But, I also (finally!) discovered one of the reasons I’m so off-schedule. I’ve been taking my antidepressants & claritin when I wake up (noon-ish) and then not being able to fall asleep until at least 3 am. This morning, after sleeping for a couple of hours, I helped Mum and Dad pack off for Eugene and took my meds much earlier than usual.

Strangely enough, I woke up earlier and had more energy during the day. So, I’m going to set my alarm tonight to wake up early and take my meds.

Anyway. One of the good things about last night? I finished my baudelaires:


A better picture and FO write-up are forthcoming. I swear. The pic was taken tonight at Knit/ Purl’s Sip ‘n’ Knit with (sorry) my camera-phone.

I also took a pic of the socks Opus made for meee! Aren’t they loverly?

ShiBui Mosaic sox

Made with two skeins of ShiBuiKnits Sock yarn (dark: “Emerald, light: “Anime”), using one of Barbara Walker’s mosaic patterns. And they’re MINE. All mine. Mwahahaha.

At around 7, Opus and I gave into my rumbling tummy (I’m bad, I ate a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast and lunch… I really hope my Mum doesn’t see this post, actually) . We finally made it to this Lebanese restaurant Opus has been praising for eons.

decimated Lebanese food

It was gooood. And then the evil kind waitress brought us warm baklava. I really didn’t want to leave after that. Mmm… baklava.

It’s only 10 pm, but right now I can barely keep my eyes open. Must be the fact I only got, like, 6 hours of sleep. Urgh. I need to knit something mindless. Ooh, Jon Stewart is on.

I swear I’m not a deadbeat

I feel guilty because I’ve been promising to post the spocks pattern for so long. Well, honest to goodness, I was planning to post it tonight. I brought my camera, the spocks, and the determination to trap a knitter into being my model with me to tonight’s Sip’n’Knit. I promised Emmos I wouldn’t post the photos I submitted to knitty online, for various reasons.

Anyway. Someone actually volunteered to be a model (wow, that’s a first), and as I was getting my camera set up, the owner of Knit/ Purl saw the spocks. She wanted to buy the pattern to sell through their shop/ site. I’m uncertain as to whether this’ll be through the Knit/Purl pattern line or ShiBui, at the moment.

Well, who am I to say no to payment? (My credit card statement alone would have prompted me to say yes)

They’re holding onto the spocks for a meeting with their pattern editor on Wednesday. I’ve been promised the purchasing details ASAP.

Sooo… yeah. To make up for this complete posting deficit, I come bearing a picture of Amy Singer:

Who is very friendly and outgoing. She was immediately ensconced in the (laaarge) group, and I’m sure Muggles could hear us from miles away.

And, yeah. I’m bad. Not much body to this post, again. I’m nearly done with the Slightly Twisted socks – and I’ll post that pattern, soon, I promise.

can I have a do over?

Today was one of those disconcerting, existential, surreal days. All day I felt wrong, like I was in the wrong body, living the wrong life. I couldn’t knit anything. I didn’t want to eat. And everything I touched turned to lead or broke.


To make matters worse, the family was snippy again and I finally couldn’t take it any longer. I snapped and started screaming. It wasn’t pretty. But I’ve since apologized and sat in my corner trying to psychoanalyze myself.

First thing I noticed? Analyzing oneself isn’t the easiest task in the world. Finally, I just admitted to myself that this is all probably part of the frustration of the move, being unemployed and still living with my parents.

Let’s add a ‘gavault’ to that ‘oy’ above.

But, to make matters somewhat easier on us all, I come bearing more pictures of the Portland parks, and the PNW, from Lake Oswego:

The last one is something pretty cool and amazing (even for the 10-year-Girl-Scout) – a holly tree growing out of the stump of a long-dead cedar tree. Now, I’ve seen young trees growing out of the stumps of old ones, but they’ve always been the same type of tree. It was really cool to see a holly paired with a cedar.

And, on top of the pretty greeness, I also come bearing yarn p0rn:

You are looking at the LAST TWO skeins of Shi Bui Sock “Orchid”. At the Sip’n’Knit tonight, I saw (omg, what’s her name?) walking by with an armload of too-beautiful-to-be-real yarn and immediately asked if those skeins were what I thought they were.

They are. They’re also the last two in the store. The other ones in the shipment have been on order for several knitters for the past 3 weeks. Realising this might be my last chance for another month (or more) to get the yarn I’ve coveted for weeks, I immediately pulled out my checkbook.

And, you want to know something sad?, they didn’t even ask for my name or address this time. They have it all memorized. This is a bad, bad sign. And Opus didn’t even stop me! Bad girl. She promised last week that she’d stop me the next time I tried to buy yarn.


After buying the yarn, waiting for it to be wound, and knitting a bit, we decided to leave at around 7:30-ish. I hadn’t eaten and Opus hadn’t eaten what we would call real food. And it was hot in there.

Just as we finished dinner and were leaving the restaurant, the sky opened and lightning laced across the sky in an eerily East-Coast-sort-of-way. The natives were all excited and immediately started counting between the flash and crash. I, instead, though about getting somewhere insulated.

Summer storms in D.C. meant either: A) flash floods, or: B) tornadoes.

But, I managed to get home (damp and frazzled) safe enough to lose my cool. Joy. I’m probably going to be hearing about this for weeks. Oh, well. It happens.

Tomorrow we get to clean the house because the landlord is coming by. Oooh, what fun. I’ll even give you the Peace Corps update tomorrow, to keep the next post from being completely boring.

I am weak

Because yesterday was so traumatic, I promised myself that I could CO any project I wanted, free of guilt. I didn’t get the chance to last night – I spent the rest of the evening frogging my Titania’s Revenge. The pattern is great, but I’m just not together enough to knit it right now. Sooo… different sock project. And a different lace project.

I’ve been wavering on the subject of the Mystery Stole 3 for several days, after seeing it on Sunflowerfairy’s blog. When the Harlot mentioned that the deadline to join was tomorrow, I seized my “guilt-free CO” card and went for it. I’m signed up, I’ve printed out the info and Clue 1. This evening at Knit/ Purl’s Sip ‘n’ Knit Night, I even bought both yarn and needles for it – 3.4 oz of silvery grey bamboo by Habu Textiles and US 3 Addi lace needles.

I have to say I’ve finally figured out the reasoning behind the Sip ‘n’ Knit Night – the workers at K/P are devious creatures. They give us glasses of champagne, leave us in the presence of luscious yarns and stay open for an extra 3 hours.

Devious, I tell you.

After Opus and I browsed, spent too much money and played in the yarn, I got Opus to get a shot of my cotlin camisole:


  • Yarn: Knit Picks Cotlin in “Royal Plum”
  • Needles: 40″ Denise circulars, 4 mm/ US 6
  • Gauge: 5.5 sts/ inch in stockinette
  • Size: 42″ bust
  • Pattern: I made it up as I went
  • Recipient: ME!
  • Date started: April 5, 2007
  • Date finished: July 3, 2007

I swear to you, it looks more flattering in person. We had a heck of a time taking a picture of it. Oy. But it’s done, it fits, and it’s comfortable to wear. S’enough for me.

Other news? I finally have my little package for Bulldogknits done, and Crimson’s prize ready (yes, I am very very slow). I’m working on the package for Stephieface and Beans and TheBon’s prizes next. I’ve even taken to carrying the booties-in-progress with me everywhere, I swear. The lace shan’t distract me too much.

I hope.

*edited to add