In the pink

The Crew have gone off to TNNA, leaving me in charge.  We can discuss the flaws of that plan later.*

Taking a break (late lunch) and thought I’d share my latest wip – a Draper shawl just for me.  Shown with the lovely silk dupioni bag Sandy Kay made for me.  In pink, of course.


The yarn is Staccato in “Poodle Skirt“.  Love it – both the yarn itself and the color.  Yum.  (eta: please pardon the crappy washed-out cell pic)

Uh oh.  Gotta go.  I promise I’ll write a thorough post soon.  Honest.

*Leaving an admitted yarn whore in charge of an LYS is like leaving an alcoholic in charge of a bar.  Baaad idea.



Okay, not really.  Knitting away on two commissions and another sample using the Purple Mystery pattern.  And, yes, incidentally, the Purple Mystery pattern will be available soon.  It goes to the tech editor tomorrow.

Would explain more, but have to go and get an early dinner (before an early movie).  Above is one commission and the second Purple Mystery (only this time it’s green). 

Gtg.  Pasta time!


Waiting for a ride (just finished “No Mean Feet!” at the store), and thought I’d put up my newest wip:

Percy shawl wip

The Percy Shawl, knit with one 100g skein of Suri Blue in “Rose”. Love the pattern and the yarn, especially together.  If you’re a lace freak, I cannot recommend this pattern enough – the Estonian stitches are really, really cool.  And it’s proving to be a quick knit, too.  (It helps that all my commissioned knitting is done!)  I’m also going to cast on for the store’s Girasole KAL on Wednesday, so there’s going to be a lot of lace hanging around for the next few weeks (did I also mention that I found the yarn I bought for Icarus?!  I should probably wait to finish Percy before starting that, though…)

Anyway.  Ride should be here any minute, gotta run.

Just a little bad.

Barely at all, really.  I only went over my budget by $10.

Yesterday (and today, actually) was the 2008 Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.  Every year I’ve been – this is my 4th? – it’s been larger than the last.  This year was no different.

Opus and I planned to meet up with Leslie around midday and drive down to Canby.  Before we got going, Opus and I grabbed coffee (& tea) at Peet’s.  Opus was working on a pair of socks that make my current WIPs look pitiful by comparison:


Well, not all of them. I CO Sarah Pope‘s Andamento Socks, the September Sock Club pattern at Peet’s and eventually noticed something was off…


Sigh. I had grabbed the wrong size needles from the Sox Stix display. These 5’s were in the 2’s section. Yeah, I’m quick on the draw.

Just before meeting Leslie, we dashed over to Knit Purl and I got a set of 2’s. At least the cuff of the sock will be loose! I guess I’ll have to do the same with the other, so they’ll match. Otherwise, one’ll look funny.

Okay. One already looks funny. But at least they’ll look funny together. Anyway. I transferred the sock to the correct needles and we got on our way. Canby is pretty close to Portland, so we managed to get there right quick.

All around were tons of familiar faces. I was really evil and made several friends hold the traveling sock for… uh… posterity?

Maybe not. They didn’t argue this time (much), though. First were Kaaren and Dallas, friends from “No Mean Feet!” (Knit Purl’s sock knitting group), who we sat and chatted with for some time:


They were much more graceful about having a sock shoved at them than, say, Opus or Leslie – who wouldn’t hold the sock for a photo at all.

Next was Terrisa, former coworker, who we ran into at Carolina Homespun’s booth whilst looking for a spindle for Opus. She wasn’t too difficult, once I cornered her between a wall of lace yarn and baskets of spinning fiber:


Mwahahaha. I was so glad to see her, but we didn’t get to kibitz much, as she was dragged off by her traveling companions. Maybe next time.

And, oh, did you catch that little slice of victory? Yes, indeedy, I finally brought Opus over to the Dark Side…


Using the usual bribery: exquisite roving. Mmn mmn mmm. 70% Superfine Merino superwash/ 30% Alpaca. One of the strangest, yet most wonderful, blends I have ever found. Opus was staring longingly at it while I debated over color – the vendor had 4 solids, each $13 for ONE POUND of roving. I nearly fainted when she told me the price. Apparently a mill went out of business or something, and she bought up their wares.

Well. Opus waaanted some. Bad. I told her it would be perfect to learn to spin on (no lie) and she caved. One pound of yumminess followed her home. Along with a spindle and the beginnings of a true addiction. She started spinning lace-weight from the beginning and even the car trip back to Portland didn’t stop her.

Mwa. Ha. Ha.

Totally worth going over budget.  I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of the goodies, but I daresay we’ll be seeing them soon enough once they’re spun.

And, I’ve decided to be a bit more disciplined.  A blogging schedule might be just the thing to keep myself on track.  Whether I feel like it or not, whether I have pictures or not, there will be posts every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Though, the picture thing might become easier once I buy myself a new camera.  I’m dreadfully overdue (my stalwart Olympus is from 2004) and could use something a bit more conveniently-sized for carrying around.  But, that’s neither here nor there at the moment.

Until Wednesday, happy knitting!

Exhaustion is.

Working full-time. Cleaning for your sister and neice’s visit. Designing and knitting several projects at once. Preparing for a Guild meeting tomorrow. Sorting crap.

I cleaned up my bedroom in an extreme way today, so A and baby T would have space for her travel crib and luggage and everything else that follows a young mother and toddler whilst traveling. Which means half of my stash has been thrown into the garage (can you feel my panic? do moths like garages??) with half of my library. Ugh.

But enough of that. Lemme see. In the past two weeks I have CO:


  • A Euroflax top-down raglan cardigan that is quite literally being designed as it is knit.
  • 2 Koigu socks in P418 (LOVE it so much right now)
  • A ShibuiKnits felted scarf swatch that totally bombed (no photo, it was completely embarassing how bad that turned out)
  • A Baby Court Jester hat for baby T, with Great Big Sea in “Autumn”. (OMG this yarn is sinful.)

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures for half of these things. I’ll work on that.

And, of course, I’ve also been working on previous wips. The rose-colored sock (another possible Sockdown: June! entry) is doing well. We both survived a heel that was… interesting. I may have been mad when I wrote this pattern down. Or I can’t read my own short-hand.

It’s even odds, really.

All of this (see above) has been happening in the background. The foreground has been work, work, more work, and arranging a Sock Scavenger Hunt.

But, good news, what with all the hours I’ve been putting in, I bought myself a pick-me-up this morning – a pair of Mephisto sandals. Yummy. This winter I bought myself these* as a treat (I completely forgot to blog about that, sorry) and remembered last week how much it cheered me up.

New shoes are happy making.

Now, I hate to end the post on a truly consumeristic note… but I’m kinda tired and can’t think of anything else to write. At least it was a positive consumeristic note, that involved something not Made In China and not produced by sweatshop labor.

Guilt-free is also happy making.

And now I must retire to bed. Tomorrow I have to get up early and brave the Boonies.

*Yes, in the red, baby.

Grows a red, red rose

Blast. Can’t find the original lyrics I liked best. Hardly matters, everyone knows the song, right?

Worked yesterday. Long day full of short bursts of activity. Sundays tend to be quiet in most businesses, I guess. I have to go to work in 45 mins, so this post is going to be short and sweet since I still haven’t washed my hair :P

After closing, I met up with Mum and we went for a walk in the International Rose Test Gardens. Remember them? The roses were quite impressive, despite the continuing wet and cool weather. As is my own unique talent, I didn’t manage to take any good photographs, but here’s a passable one:


After walking through a cloud of rose perfume, I was very excited to find a red-black rose that matched my Sockdown: June! wip:


How perfect is that? And, before you ask, the challenge this month is Design Your Own – which means I’m making up the pattern as I go. The yarn is “Roxanne” by Tempted Yarns. I got it from The Loopy Ewe. I LOVE this yarn. The color is do deep and vibrant and the base yarn is sooo soft.

That seems to be everything.  I have to leave in less than half an hour now.  Toodles.

boo boo

The day started out so well. Sunny and warm and not raining. I met Opus downtown for breakfast and Peet’s even had Jasmine Lime tea again for spring. We headed over to the store for the Oleana Trunk Show. Oleana is a Norwegian fashion house, and all it’s garments are designed by Solveig Hisdal, author of Poetry in Stitches. All her knitwear is just exquisite.


I’m not certain I’m allowed to publish photos on the web (flickr friends can look at them), but the display outside the store should be okay.

Anyway. After trying several of the garments on, we took down sizes and styles and went on our merry way (the store was packed). We decided to hit Saturday Market, since I had never seen the Spoonman’s booth. Opus was a good sport and introduced her sock to all of the spoons:


But soon we started to have Eugene flashbacks and escaped the throng. That’s where things went, hmm, not sour. Maybe a bit tart. After we hopped on and off the MAX, we started walking in the direction of Twisted and I, being me, took a hard fall off of a curb.

Opus walked and I limped to Twisted, and I refused to even look at the mess my knee was until I was sitting down somewhere.

Ick. Thank goodness they had a first aid kit and Ibuprofen. I sat down, got help cleaning and bandaging the mess, and decided that knitting on the couch was looking good (Opus and I had talked about finding a park and knitting in the sun). So I CO these:


My Sockdown: April! project. Jeanie Townsend’s “Pretty Petals” socks, with Knitted Wit’s Superwash Merino fingering in “1970’s Locker Room”. It’s looking really, really cool.

Still, even with my leg propped up and my knitting to console me, my knee started to swell (and bleed through the bandages) painfully. Eventually, I bought some comfort yarn (a skein of Chewy Spaghetti’s Spaghettoni in “Vainglorious”) and went home.

After keeping my knee up for a while, some of the swelling has come down, but I won’t be walking very far any time soon. I guess I’ll just have to sit here and knit.

Wait… that’s not too bad for a silver lining :)

FO: Watercolour Monkeys

Let’s do the Good News first. I finished my second pair of Monkey socks today, whilst lounging at Twisted:

  • Start date: January 21, 2008
  • Finish date: February 2, 2008
  • Pattern used: Monkey by Cookie A
  • Yarn: Zen String Fingering in “Twisted”
  • Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm)
  • Notes: Modified the heel to continue the lace pattern down the flap (see second photo)…



Love ’em, love the yarn, love the pattern. S’all good :)

I also bought a skein of Dream in Colour Smooshy, in “Good Luck Jade”, which I CO on for Sockdown: February! For this month’s challenge, they have to feature a heel that’s new to me. Since I only CO a couple of hours ago:


I don’t have to worry about that quite yet. I’ll figure out what heel I’m trying out next when I get that far. At the moment, I’m really liking the yarn – the feel of it, the way it knits up, the colours. My own complaint is that it appears to be overdyed, and now my fingers are a delicate shade of green.

Ohwell. Nothing’s perfect.

Now. The Bad News. Which isn’t bad, not really. Opus and I went to Yarnia and, uh, I forgot to get a picture. My review? It’s, well, going to be a great store for machine knitters. Not so much for knitters like Opus and I. So… yeah, that’s that. I think that they’ll be perfect for the machine knitters in town, since no one really caters to them anymore. Well, except for Yarnia now :)

And that’s about everything.  I think I want to sleep now.  It was a looong day.

bad pictures and another free pattern

Somehow, against my better judgement, Opus lured me out of the house today using pitiful foretellings of the Holiday to come (her grandmother, the uber Girl Scout is descending in, t-minus, 12 hours!). Whoo-oo, people were as crazy as expected. Eek. Hiding seemed the best idea, which we did to the best of our abilities. I brought along my new toy (which I posting with now), so Opus could see it. She’s expressed interest in it multiple times.

As we sat in the Central Library (hiding, see?) and I checked the foot size of Maggie, I tried out something new: the webcam. So, I took a picture of Maggie’s sock IP:

Sock for Maggie, take 2

Opus, being Opus, wanted to play with the ‘new’ gadget, too:


Bad pix, I know. But I can’t show you progress pix of Project #3 – which IS progressing, enough so that I had to buy shorter circulars this afternoon, ha! – so these’ll have to do. See, Leslie, I do totally listen to you :D And, I am sooooo close to the saddles, I can almost taste it.

And the last bit? Here’s something for ya, Autuman Socks pattern (PDF). I got a couple of requests on ravelry for the patten for my sockdown: december! socks, and decided to whip it up. If there are errata, I apologize, but I don’t have an editor locked in the basement. (Actually, we don’t even have a basement to lock an editor in.)

But now I must go back to Project #3, I’m almost at the end of another ball. I’ve lost count of which one this’ll be. It hardly matters. Hopefully, it’ll be the last…

my own stupid fault

One: bad karma. Two: ignored the pattern reviews. Three: I’m just that stupid in general.

One: I shouldn’t be knitting anything other than Project #3 right now, and I know it. It’s just… the yarn was there and looking pretty and I still had more than half the skein left after knitter a pair of mitts (pic later).

Two: plenty of people have kvetched online that Calorimetry is too large. I’ve seen it a million times. Yet I CO as the pattern dictated. Sono stupida.

Three: even though it’s huge and I’ll have to frog it, who CO something without checking their yardage first?

I totally got what I deserve, which is why I’m ripping this:


As soon as I can bear to, anyway. I think I’ll work on Project #3 for awhile. I made a bunch of progress on the sleeve this afternoon and should work on the body tonight. Maybe I’ll finish all those bloody cables in the next 24 hours. Unlikely, but entirely possible. Especially since Mum got a studio and won’t be around to distract me…

Okay, that still leaves two relatives and a dog, but Emm’s sworn he’s locking himself in his room to study and Dad… well, I’ll think of something.