good karma, poor planning

{yawn} tired. really, really tired. Had an interview today. I think it went well. I’ll find out on Monday. Cross you fingers for me, please. I really need a part-time job that has a regular paycheck. As much as I love designing for ShiBuiKnits, the money comes in irregular chunks.

After the interview I was captured ever so sneakily and cleverly that I found myself on the bus an hour later, having agreed to sponsor a child named Generose (in the Phillipines) through Children International, which seems legit and good and it’s non-religious. 3 of their workers have a blog. On the way home, I realised that I still didn’t have a job to pay for this sponsorship, but hopefully the good karma will help me get the job. Right? Opus valiantly tried not to laugh at me when I told her about this (my Mum just sighed) and suggested that I start taking donations through the blog now.

I’m not. Yet. It might come to it, so be forewarned. Moving on…

Opus and I stayed at tonight’s Sip’n’Knit well past closing, because the yarn I was knitting the Jaywalkers with was getting really scarce and more and more tangled as I went. We managed to wind it back up and I got to the toe decreases a little after 9 pm. I actually finished the toes on the bus (10:41 pm PST exactly) and even snapped a photo with my camera-phone, much to the bemusement (and hushed whispers) of the Muggles packed in around me…


It was all I could do not to giggle in response to their responses, but I figured they might try and have me committed if I started giggling after taking a photo of socks on a bus. Right. I finished Stephie’s jaywalkers whilst watching X-Files and here they are:


Literally with the yarn that was left. THANK YOU, every single knitter in Portland who crossed your fingers and prayed for there to be enough yarn (seriously, we were so worried at the Sip’n’Knit) cuz it clearly helped. And, yay!, they’re finished and blocking. I’m leaving it up to Stephieface to take decent modelled photos once they arrive.

Wow, that’s one thing I can take off of the ‘To-Do’ list.  Next thing?  Sleep.


Sock Knitters Anonymous, my slightly insane brain-child, officially has:

  • 1001 members(!)
  • 69 pairs of socks finished for the Sockdown: August! Challenge
  • 5 prizes for Sockdown: September!
  • 2022 projects TOTAL
  • & 555 skeins of yarn

I feel good. I, clearly, am not insane because there are others out there like me. This totally makes up for my crappy weekend.

Other news?  I finally found an appropriate (correctly sized project for Stephieface & Beans).  I’m nearly finished with Pea-spock 1 (just need to get enough sleep to finish the buttonhole maths) and those cheap Crystal Palace bamboo straights are actually quite nice.  I’m also closing in on finishing the Slighty Twisted sock 2.

W00t :D  Is it only 11pm?  So.  tired.

But, yay, have project-ness to work on.  Toodles…

progress, progress, progress

Thank you, everyone, for your well-wishes. I do feel much better today. Thank goodness, too, because if today had been like yesterday I would have jumped off of the Morrison Bridge. Oy.

Anyway, much progress has been made in: cleaning (boring), knitting (interesting), and formating the blog (eh). Several loads of laundry and a clean kitchen made me feel less guilty about fiddling with the blog today. If you go to the designs by fyberduck page, it’ll direct you to choose from gratis and carus patterns (free and… well, not-so-free). From there you can click on a project’s thumbnail and read a synopsis with a link to the PDF pattern.

Well, in the gratis section. I haven’t finished editing the Spocks pattern for Knit/ Purl yet, so it’s not linked (just listed). Some of the other patterns I’m planning on selling will be listed when I get them done.

If I ever get them done. (sigh)

First I’m working on all those free patterns I’ve promised that are still only half-finished.

Other news? Knitting. Right. This is a knitting blog (well, mostly), so readers might want to see some knitting progress, right? Here’s Iro as it basks in the sunlight, endlessly pleased that it’s not in the “abandoned projects” basket anymore:


Iro is an afghan that would be extremely ridiculous to knit, had I not stumbled onto the GREATEST Noro sale ever – 75% off. So, I grabbed 7 skeins of Noro’s Iro a 50/50 wool/ silk blend and planned on making either a really sumptuous shawl or afghan. The afghan won out somehow. I’m making up the pattern as I go, which isn’t the most comforting thought in the world – so I try not to think about it ^_^

And, ooooh, here’s Miss Lizzy’s Spencer blocking:


I finished the sleeve last night, and the picot edging. And since Emm is out of town, I’ve commandeered his bed. He’ll never know. Mwahaha. I’ve also promised to block Mum’s shawl on his bed this week.

Oh, I just remembered – reading news. I’m reading Knit Fast, Die Young. It’s not the best novel in the history of literature, but it’s definitely a step-up from the knitting mystery crap I’ve found thus far. Just thought I’d mention it. I’ve also been flipping through A Shropshire Lad and… oh, bugger, what was that other book? I’ve actually forgotten.

Clearly, it couldn’t have been too interesting, right?

Moving on. The Sinister Spinsters have been invited to demonstrate a Sheep-to-Shawl at this year’s Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. How cool is that? I’m hoping all of the BSG team can make it. I’ll need to step up my nagging, so I can get answers from everyone :) What’s really cool about it (other than showing off), is that the shawl we’ll make will be auctioned off to benefit one of the OFFF’s charity projects.

And, finally, one last bit of good news: as of today Sock Knitters Anonymous has 33 pairs of finished socks for August’s Sockdown Challenge. W00T! I am so glad I that I am not the only insane one on ravelry. And August isn’t even over yet. It would be so cool if we managed 50.

I want to go spin now.  A bien tôt.

Finally, finally, finally – FO & pattern

Ugh. Been battling the computer and internets for hours, it seems like. I finished my second Geraldine this afternoon, wrote up the tutorial, and finished the pattern. Well, mostly. It just wouldn’t save as a PDF file – too big, too wonky, too something. So, it’s saved as a read only .DOC at the moment, until I can fix it:

ETA: Finally, finally, finally managed to get it saved as a PDF. The formatting is crap, and I apologize, but at least it’s in a universal format now.

Geraldine silhouette

Geraldine socks pattern (PDF) & Crocheted Eyelet Cast-off tutorial

… and more Geraldine photos:



Soooo… that’s that. Until I get my PDF maker to work, anyway.

Other news? Blinding headache. ‘Nother pair of socks on the needles already, called Colinette. Truly, I haven’t the faintest idea where these ideas are coming from and who named them.

Umm. Yeah. Tired, headache. Time to go veg. I hope somebody uses the pattern :)

I forget

What I was planning to blog about. Bugrit. Instead, I offer the distraction of handspun yarn p0rn:

1.5 oz (I think) of fine wool mix

I love my new wheel. It has beautifully smooth action, and it spins laceweight easily. What more could I want, eh?

Oh, now I remember what I was planning on mentioning. I’m not quite in shock (okay, maybe a little) over the fact that Sock Knitters Anonymous now has 589 members on ravelry. I’m also not quite in shock over the fact that people actually want to take part of the year-long knitting challenge I suggested. It is a bit surprising how many knitters are interested.

But, I must admit, I am a bit shocked by how many indie yarn dyers and Etsy sellers have agreed to donate yarn and knitting goodies for monthly prizes and for our Mystery Sock designers to use with their patterns. Seriously, last I heard from our great and wise Sockdown prize mod (Maia) we had 15 skeins of yarn donated and assorted sundry other goodies.

The challenge doesn’t start until August.

Someone pinch me.

listen closely

And you just might hear the ‘thud!’ of my mother falling off of the wagon.

She tried to get a prescription for a narcotic today. Luckily the doctor was either incredibly clever or unbelievably incompetent, because he wrote the prescription out incorrectly. None of us tried to stop her from doing this since we didn’t know about it until it was too late.

The next week or two should be interesting. In a gum-gnashing, nail-biting, snippy sort of way.

I really wish someone would hire me already.

Until then, though, I shall knit like I’m being paid for it. Below are the Mystery Stole and my new traveling sock:

This sock is much better behaved than my last traveling socks and will thus be rewarded somehow. If you have any ideas on how to reward a sock, let me know.

Moving on. The landlord came by today, approved everything we’d done, and then left – all within 5 minutes. He’s definitely my kind of landlord.

The Peace Corps was not so obliging. Upon inquiring as to my medical clearance status, I received this reply from my medical screening aide:

At this time, your medical file will need further review by our staff specialist. After the specialists have completed their review a letter, confirming the status of your medical review will be sent.


I then called my medical screening aide, only to find that he wasn’t in his office and still hasn’t returned my call. Nice. I’m really going to have to start hounding these people more.

Good news? SKA has 350+ members on ravelry and we’re starting a year-long sock challenge in August. I’ve even received a positive reply from the designer I contacted in regards to contracting a Mystery Sock pattern for this fall/ winter.

Bad news? Er, I’m officially terrified of my Bloglines subscription page. I’m so far behind on my feeds that I’m into the triple digits. I have a feeling that I’ve missed some important stuff, too. I’ve also not managed to send out Crimson’s prize or Bulldogknit’s goodies for her son. I also haven’t forgotten the VACANT 1506 challenge, I’m just really really far behind on my plans. Expect it to emerge sometime in 2010 at this rate.

Someone please kick me.

expecto soleam

True to my word, I BO the last stitch on Bean’s second bootie right as the previews started before HPatOP. I also only had 12″ of yarn left. Is that kizmit or what?

The movie was fantastic. It is widely known that I strongly disapprove of the 1st and 3rd movies, for many reasons. But I liked this latest director’s take on the HP universe – the Death Eaters were much cooler this time (in an evil sort of way), as was the Order (loved Tonks and Shacklebolt). The interpretation of the relationships of the 3 was closer to the way I read the books – neither saccharine nor sexual. I also approved of the actress who played Luna (great job) and the twins were as fun as ever. The special effects were even more impressive than the last movie. The final 30 mins are perfectly described as an apocalypse.

Go and see it. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth, and it’ll be so much more entrancing on a large screen.

Moving on. Booties done meant I could spin for the Tour when I got home:

I love my charkha, but am even more excited to announce that Sheila at Journey Wheel emailed me today to let me know that my wheel would start it’s journey to me tomorrow. Once I calm down enough, I’ll send her a reply that goes beyond “SQUEE”.

After that I got down to some knitting, and am very annoyed to report that I’m going to have to frog these two socks-IP:

Stretched, they’ll fit a 7″ foot. As my foot is 8″ around… *sigh*. I think the sock yarn is punishing me for quitting on Titania’s Revenge. I may just have to re-CO. Later. Much, much later. For now, I’ll frog, rewind the ball, and CO a different pair of socks with different yarn.

Aaand, to cheer myself up I’ll check the SKA on ravelry – last count was at 240 members.

snip. snip. snark.

I don’t know what’s in the water or subliminal messages right now, but everyone in the family is so snippy. A person can’t say the sky is blue without someone taking offense, “Did I say it wasn’t?”

Oy. I ran away to the PDX Knit-Bloggers meet-up at Knit/ Purl today, just to escape the egg-shell covered floor. The ladies were very nice, very cheerful, and quite rowdy – I could hear them in the basement when I walked into the store.

Which reminds me. I found their group on ravelry, which I finally got invited onto last night! I’m so addicted. I’ve been searching patterns, adding pictures, and puttering about every spare moment I can. There are tons of lace knitters on already, so it’s nice to see what they’re working on and what they’ve got queued as well.

And, because they’ve started a new ‘groups’ section (and have asked for people to start groups of their own), I made up one: Sock Knitters Anonymous. Like any other group, we’ve got our 12 steps:

  1. We admitted we were powerless over our desire to hand-knit socks and stash sock yarn.
  2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of our LYSes as we understood Them.
  4. Made a searching and fearless accurate inventory of Stashes.
  5. Admitted to ravelry, to ourselves, and to other human beings the exact nature of our sock addiction.
  6. Were entirely ready to frog any defects of knitting.
  7. Humbly asked for knots to be removed from our skeins, hanks, and balls of yarn.
  8. Made a list of all patterns we had started, stashed for, or designed on cocktail napkins, and became willing to start/ finish them all.
  9. Finish sock WIPs wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them, the yarn, needles, ourselves, or others.
  10. Continued to keep a stash inventory and when we buy more sock yarn, promptly admitted it.
  11. Sought through trial and error to improve our conscious contact with sock knitting we understood It, praying only for knowledge of Turning Heels and the power to carry that out.
  12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other sock knitters, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

C’mon and join if you’re on ravelry. Also, friend me if you’re on, please! I’ve lost track of all the members I know online and my puter is soooo slow that searching is nigh impossible :(

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