I forget

What I was planning to blog about. Bugrit. Instead, I offer the distraction of handspun yarn p0rn:

1.5 oz (I think) of fine wool mix

I love my new wheel. It has beautifully smooth action, and it spins laceweight easily. What more could I want, eh?

Oh, now I remember what I was planning on mentioning. I’m not quite in shock (okay, maybe a little) over the fact that Sock Knitters Anonymous now has 589 members on ravelry. I’m also not quite in shock over the fact that people actually want to take part of the year-long knitting challenge I suggested. It is a bit surprising how many knitters are interested.

But, I must admit, I am a bit shocked by how many indie yarn dyers and Etsy sellers have agreed to donate yarn and knitting goodies for monthly prizes and for our Mystery Sock designers to use with their patterns. Seriously, last I heard from our great and wise Sockdown prize mod (Maia) we had 15 skeins of yarn donated and assorted sundry other goodies.

The challenge doesn’t start until August.

Someone pinch me.

expecto soleam

True to my word, I BO the last stitch on Bean’s second bootie right as the previews started before HPatOP. I also only had 12″ of yarn left. Is that kizmit or what?

The movie was fantastic. It is widely known that I strongly disapprove of the 1st and 3rd movies, for many reasons. But I liked this latest director’s take on the HP universe – the Death Eaters were much cooler this time (in an evil sort of way), as was the Order (loved Tonks and Shacklebolt). The interpretation of the relationships of the 3 was closer to the way I read the books – neither saccharine nor sexual. I also approved of the actress who played Luna (great job) and the twins were as fun as ever. The special effects were even more impressive than the last movie. The final 30 mins are perfectly described as an apocalypse.

Go and see it. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth, and it’ll be so much more entrancing on a large screen.

Moving on. Booties done meant I could spin for the Tour when I got home:

I love my charkha, but am even more excited to announce that Sheila at Journey Wheel emailed me today to let me know that my wheel would start it’s journey to me tomorrow. Once I calm down enough, I’ll send her a reply that goes beyond “SQUEE”.

After that I got down to some knitting, and am very annoyed to report that I’m going to have to frog these two socks-IP:

Stretched, they’ll fit a 7″ foot. As my foot is 8″ around… *sigh*. I think the sock yarn is punishing me for quitting on Titania’s Revenge. I may just have to re-CO. Later. Much, much later. For now, I’ll frog, rewind the ball, and CO a different pair of socks with different yarn.

Aaand, to cheer myself up I’ll check the SKA on ravelry – last count was at 240 members.


I haven’t knit a single stitch today. But I didn’t really feel up to it for most of the day. I was having terrible femm issues earlier (too much information?) and only went out with Mum because I need the exercise. That said, I am really, really glad I went with her to the Hoyt Arboretum:

(My Tour de Fleece pic)

Mum and Charlie:

Mum throwing sticks for Charlie:

And the coolest tree roots ever:

It’s a beautifully maintained place and the flora AND fauna are amazingly varied. After I took the last photo and we were on our way out of our little dell, a hummingbird (still unidentified) flew out of the creek and into a tree. I immediately grabbed Charlie and pointed the bird out to Mum, and I suppose the bird sensed that Mum is a member of the Audobon Society – it flew back down and hovered in front of us (I swear it was inspecting us) for a full minute or two. It was so magical and amazing. I’ve never seen a hummingbird so close (within 3′) without glass between us.

After that, at the Visitor’s Center, we met a really cool artist who we exchanged contact info with. Coolness abounds, as she’s leaving for the Galapagos in 3 days! I nearly died of envy. The Galapagos islands are on my Top Ten List Of Places I Must Visit Before I Am: Old/ Blind/ Or Dead. *sigh*

Then came the dangers of stepping into a Fair Trade store. Mum and I have killed our older gauze shirts, so we got two. Along with a Panama hat each, a hand-stamped kerchief from Ghana, and a Lantern Moon bag for less than I’ve seen at LYSes. How cool is that? I now have that medium sized knitting bag I’ve been needing.

And, last but not least, the knitting content. It might interest you to know that Sock Knitters Anonymous now has 80 members! Woot :D And, I have a question (actually, several). Some craftsters mentioned that they’d be interested in buying my Spox pattern. How does one sell patterns thru Paypal? And how much would I charge? Is $5 too much?

I’m going to go knit, so I don’t have to think about it…

with a full plate

What have I been up to these past couple of days? Oh, well, let’s see…

Mum and I tried to start reupholstering her set of 8 Edwardian oak dining chairs yesterday (we spent the day before in Hell Depot and Jo-Ann’s getting supplies). After a practice run on a very strange footstool (has anyone ever heard of cedar wood shavings being used as cushion filling??), Mum and I pulled out the first chair seat. “If we can get two of these done today, I’ll be happy,” she told me.

Only to find that the chairs were really well made – oak seat frames, dozens upon dozens of iron tacks, silk velvet upholstery, silk batting under the seats, linen broadcloth under the silk batting and then 4″ of wool rag encased horse-hair filling the cushions. All afternoon yesterday, we’d pull up another layer only to find that the frame was that much further away.

“Mum, we’re going to be lucky if we get one chair a day done!” She waved me off, determined to finish two chairs by 6. After a couple more hours of pulling out iron tacks, ripping off jute webbing and oil-cloth, Mum sat down, huffing.

“We’re might not get this chair done today,” she finally admitted.

And we didn’t. After another hour or so, she and Dad finally agreed that we might just want to consider the possibility of making plywood copies of the frames (er, frame, as we’ve only managed to strip one) and reupholster them.

After that, we had to clean up quickly to meet with some old friends who were in town, visiting their son. Our families had been in the same congregation in MD, so they called us when they were flying this way. We took them to a truly authentic Chinese restaurant and then home for dessert. I snapped a shot right before they left:

Sooo, that should explain why I haven’t made that much progress on the Mystery Stole (scarf in my case) 3 or le Tour de Fleece

And why I ache all over and still can’t get the dirt completely out from under my finger nails (arrrrg). What’s that? Here’s a close-up of the stole IP:

I finally went back to the evil that is known as Jo-Ann’s this afternoon to get a magnetic board and line magnifier. Last night I managed to cut and paste all of the charts into one file and printed it out – just so I wouldn’t have to flip back and forth between the charts for the L and R sides. Of course, the charts are now tiny and require a magnifying rod – which is fine, because it clips to the stand.

Project specs? I’m completely crazy, but still smitten with the bamboo. I’m using Addi 2.5 mm’s (US 1.5) instead of the recommended 3.5 mm (US 4). My stole’s going to be smaller than intended, but I preferred the look of the lace knit with the smaller needles. Oh, and I am mad in love with Addi Turbo lace needles right now.

I’m also sorry (and embarrassed) to have to admit that I’m further behind than ever in my bloglines subscripts. My laptop and wireless card just aren’t up to the new LAN set-up we got, so I’m stuck using the family PC. 30 mins a day to check my email, Peace Corps status, and other web stuff is clearly not enough. Hopefully, I’ll get the cash together soon (after I get a job) to update my little Dell.

Until then? *sigh*

Well, on the bright side, maybe I’ll have more time to knit with less internet access.