progress, progress, progress

Thank you, everyone, for your well-wishes. I do feel much better today. Thank goodness, too, because if today had been like yesterday I would have jumped off of the Morrison Bridge. Oy.

Anyway, much progress has been made in: cleaning (boring), knitting (interesting), and formating the blog (eh). Several loads of laundry and a clean kitchen made me feel less guilty about fiddling with the blog today. If you go to the designs by fyberduck page, it’ll direct you to choose from gratis and carus patterns (free and… well, not-so-free). From there you can click on a project’s thumbnail and read a synopsis with a link to the PDF pattern.

Well, in the gratis section. I haven’t finished editing the Spocks pattern for Knit/ Purl yet, so it’s not linked (just listed). Some of the other patterns I’m planning on selling will be listed when I get them done.

If I ever get them done. (sigh)

First I’m working on all those free patterns I’ve promised that are still only half-finished.

Other news? Knitting. Right. This is a knitting blog (well, mostly), so readers might want to see some knitting progress, right? Here’s Iro as it basks in the sunlight, endlessly pleased that it’s not in the “abandoned projects” basket anymore:


Iro is an afghan that would be extremely ridiculous to knit, had I not stumbled onto the GREATEST Noro sale ever – 75% off. So, I grabbed 7 skeins of Noro’s Iro a 50/50 wool/ silk blend and planned on making either a really sumptuous shawl or afghan. The afghan won out somehow. I’m making up the pattern as I go, which isn’t the most comforting thought in the world – so I try not to think about it ^_^

And, ooooh, here’s Miss Lizzy’s Spencer blocking:


I finished the sleeve last night, and the picot edging. And since Emm is out of town, I’ve commandeered his bed. He’ll never know. Mwahaha. I’ve also promised to block Mum’s shawl on his bed this week.

Oh, I just remembered – reading news. I’m reading Knit Fast, Die Young. It’s not the best novel in the history of literature, but it’s definitely a step-up from the knitting mystery crap I’ve found thus far. Just thought I’d mention it. I’ve also been flipping through A Shropshire Lad and… oh, bugger, what was that other book? I’ve actually forgotten.

Clearly, it couldn’t have been too interesting, right?

Moving on. The Sinister Spinsters have been invited to demonstrate a Sheep-to-Shawl at this year’s Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. How cool is that? I’m hoping all of the BSG team can make it. I’ll need to step up my nagging, so I can get answers from everyone :) What’s really cool about it (other than showing off), is that the shawl we’ll make will be auctioned off to benefit one of the OFFF’s charity projects.

And, finally, one last bit of good news: as of today Sock Knitters Anonymous has 33 pairs of finished socks for August’s Sockdown Challenge. W00T! I am so glad I that I am not the only insane one on ravelry. And August isn’t even over yet. It would be so cool if we managed 50.

I want to go spin now.  A bien tôt.

playing catch-up, pt 1

Real internet! Yaaaaaaay. So, here’s that picture of Portland from the top of Mt Tabor I’ve been promising:

And the ducky and yarny goodies Penny sent me:

The past two days I’ve been moving around a lot: Portland to Eugene to St Paul to Portland. In Eugene, we got ready for the Black Sheep Gathering and the Sheep-to-Shawl competition:

The Sinister Spinsters

We placed 4th, in case you’re wondering. We all went for yarn-therapy because of the trauma of the competition (our loom kept breaking down). I’ll post pix of my haul laters. I promise.

My ‘sea-anemone’ hair (courtesy of Emmos):

(I dyed my hair for TheBon’s wedding the night after the competition)

St M, Emmos and I slaved away for the 12 hours after S-t-S trying to get a wraplan done for the baby of a friend (the shower was this afternoon)…

And every once in a while, Niki (Emmos’ cat), would check our progress:

A different version of the wraplan than the prototype…

Possibly not the final version, though.

Anyway. Literally as Emmos ran out the door to deliver the wraplan, St M and I started getting ready for TheBon’s wedding. I hate make-up and I hate panty-hose, it must be said. But I wore ’em both. Emmos got back from her errands and dashed into her closet. Literally 5 minutes later, we ran out the door and hit the road. We managed to just make it to The Oak Grove before the service. I took tons of pictures:

TheBon’s wedding

The service was sweet and short (my favourite descriptives). Bonnie’s dress was gorgeous, as was her lace shawl (a true wedding ring shawl). Everything was great. But now I’m home and tired, and I’m going to bed. St M and Emmos and Opus and I are going on a Portland yarn crawl tomorrow – I’m gonna need all the rest I can get.