tears of joy

The Sweater (of Doom)/ Project #3/ ShibuiKnits Columbia is blocking. It’s blocking. I am actually so relieved I’m a bit teary. To be perfectly honest, I was absolutely terrified that I’d get the Irish Sweater Board together, a soppy knit monstrosity onto it, only to find out that I suck as a men’s wear designer/ knitter and actually made something that would only fit a hunchback with a 24″ chest circumference.

Thank Hashem, but it actually is the right size and looks decent.  (I refuse to use effulgent words like “beautiful” when describing a soaking wet, wet-wool smelling, untested creation.  But I will, cautiously, admit that I am rather pleased with the results of this stressful endeavor.)

I feel like I earned the sock yarn I splurged on this afternoon at Woodland. Maybe it was nervousness prompting me, but I bought 4 pairs of socks worth of yarn (::blush::). It was a weird compulsion. Comfort yarn.

Hmm. New concept. Comfort yarn. Makes sense to me.

Anyway, I am so pleased with myself that tomorrow I am actually going to let myself play Mah Jongg with the ladies at Shul. I still have to do 2 weeks worth of laundry and knit 2 mitts before Tuesday, but I need some distance. If only for 3 hours.