This one is short and sweet, but important.  I updated the Rose City Knits website, to include new information on classes and consulting.  What do you think?  Are there any classes you think I should add?

Also, how about the new blog template?  Yay or nay?

Oh, and this pattern is in progress (plus a super-secret special pattern that I can’t discuss – but looks A-MAZING!):

Rhea Silvia sneak peek 2

And Caulking is nearing the finish line, too. Slow and steady is better than not at all, amirite?

Brain… melt

I was going to blog about everything I’ve been promising to blog about, honestly, but after spending the past hour and a half fixing up the blog stylesheet so it would match the Rose City Knits website (which, incidentally, have you seen?), I’m not feeling too coherent.  And I’m not even done fixing it (gah :P)

My blogging habits are a work in progress, unfortunately.

Until I get some solid (post) writing time, I leave you with two sneak peaks:

My Courant Baby Blanket, designed for Shibui Knits (see even better photos herenote to self: post pattern on ravelry!  ack). I even made up the stitch pattern one evening while playing with some Staccato they’d given to me for experimentation.  My original idea was to find an attractive way of combining a solid color and a hand-painted colorway without it becoming overwhelming or garish.  Apparently, that was a success.

Then, two, what might be the next Rose City Knits pattern (maybe, there’s another two in the pipeline, and it’s all about which sample+pattern gets finished first!):

First person to guess what those squares will be is going to officially be Very Clever.  Incidentally, yarn is from Tactile Fiber Studio in the color “Dogwood”.  Not that will help you guess in any way :)

Until next time (which shall hopefully be quite soon), I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

On the sunny side

Quite literally, this weekend.  Let’s see, positive-ness?

  1. Finished my Sev[en]circle scarf this afternoon, with three yards of yarn left (eek!)
  2. Am soaking big Sis’ b-day socks (admittedly late) to block in 15 mins (woot)
  3. Got five, count ’em, FIVE loads of laundry done today
  4. Figured out how to upsize and downsize several patterns that I have delayed releasing, since they were single sized.  Ha!  Of course, that means all new rounds of test knitting…
  5. Um… two days of sunlight in a row?  Love it!!
  6. Spent most of yesterday basking.

Here, at Tanner Springs Park:

Tanner Springs ParkLovely.

Wherein we saw a Black-chinned Hummingbird, a Song Sparrow, a Barn Swallow, and a Rough-legged Hawk.  All in the middle of the Pearl.  Crazy.  Anyway, Opus and I spent three or four hours there knitting (and designing, me) in the rarest of natural resources in Oregon, sunlight.

Which is why I am noticeably freckelly right now, as seen in Sev[en]circle FO shot:

Finished my sev[en]circle (obligatory cell shot)

Wow, right?  Project specs, just for the sake of ’em:

  • Pattern: Sev[en]circle by assemblage/ Kirsten Johnstone
  • Yarn: The Fibre Co.’s Canopy Fingering in “Macaw”
  • Modifications: Went with the knit cast on instead of the back-loop
  • Notes: I used almost all of the 200 yards per skein of my Canopy, so you might want to take the yardage on the pattern with a grain of salt.

And, if that isn’t enough knitting-ness for you, I have ANOTHER sneak peek inside my upcoming sock book! This time we’ve got the men’s sock pattern, Ankeny, based off of old Fishermen’s sweaters:

(I couldn’t resist… Captain Ankeny, get it?)

Lastly, before I run (must fold more laundry and do, ugh, ironing) remember Birdie?  We-ell, s/he might just have come back!  Last week,  a fledgling sparrow flew into the store when I opened the front door.

S/he didn’t want to leave either – we had to catch it with a towel (again) and release it outside.

After a silly informal poll on the Knit Purl blog, we have decided that the fledgling was Birdie (if only because we say so).  Feel free to disagree if you think otherwise :)

I’ll be back later (this week) with some interesting news.  Until then, what do you think of the new blog layout?  I was getting sick of the old one cutting off pictures and stuff…


one sixth

I’m almost through the 2nd ball of yarn for the sweater I’m designing/ knitting for ShiBuiKnits. Which makes me (roughly) 1/6 of the way through the sweater. Not bad for, er, 3 days of knitting, right?  (the pattern is also progressing; I even made charts today)

I also wound off the yarn for Scheherezade’s Slippers this evening (my Sockdown: November! challenge) after I finished winding Ball #3.

I have to go into Knit Purl tomorrow, to discuss several more commissions. Wow, my fingers are going to be busy. So far we’re talking a coat, a purse and a pair of mitts. Of course, first I have to finish the Man’s Sweater O’ Doom/ Project #3. (hmm, maybe I should just keep numbering these things for posterity…?)

Other news? I’m still waiting for my ravelry t-shirt ;_; and my Discworld Swap package. The mailman didn’t bring either today and I was sad. Hopefully the USPS g-ds will smile upon me tomorrow.

Oh, and the template updates. I have no idea what I’m doing, other than fiddling around and cutting things down a bit. Suggestions are always welcome. In theory, at least.

Now I get to go back to the salt mines and start Ball #3.

the sweet and the bitter

I am brain-dead and exhausted and overfed in the worst best way. But, Mum’s shawl has finished blocking, so I can comfort myself with how lovely it looks. Bless Cat for modeling it for me:



Project Specs:

  • Cast on: Um, August 2006?
  • Blocked: September 2007 (don’t judge me)
  • Yarn: Knit Pick’s “Shadow” in Oregon Coast
  • Pattern: The Yarn Harlot’s “Snowdrop Shawl”
  • Recipient: Mum
  • Modifications: inserted the traditional Shetland lace pattern “Falling Leaves” and changed the border.

Aside from needing a model, I brought it to tonight’s Sip’n’Knit just to prove to the girls that I DO knit other things than socks. Not many other things, admittedly, but it DOES happen. Neider.

The bitter? Mum felted her spocks. (weep) I didn’t know that the wool in Panda Wool isn’t superwash, so I didn’t tell her to handwash them. They’re tiny now:


They shrank from 7.5 sts/ inch to 9.25 sts/ inch. It hurts to look at them. I don’t even know what to do with ’em now, either. And Mum’s already requesting a replacement pair. Normally I’d tell her tough luck, but I feel partially responsible for not investigating the Panda Wool more :(

We drowned our sorrows in chocolate at Pix. I tried the Amelie, which won the Patis France Chocolat Competition. I can’t even describe eating it. It was like reaching nirvana. I actually started having a physical nervous reaction from the overwhelming chocolate-ness of it all. Dear G-d.

Still, even the chocolate and the sympathy of The Girls wasn’t enough. I needed comfort food. Strange how my definition of comfort food is… broad. We went to a new restaurant, down the street from Knit/Purl, called Habibi. I love Lebanese food. Seriously, there isn’t enough hummus and tahini in the world for me. Opus loves Lebanese, so we decided to make a treat of it. We got traditional peach juice (fresh squeezed with rose water and lemon juice!), falafel mezza AND the largest bowl of panna cotta I have ever seen. The look on Opus’ face (and the couple next to us, too) was worthy of a snapshot:


The waiter joked that it was for the four of us to share.

The couple next to us stared at it and the lady replied, “I don’t think even we can help you finish that!”

It was really good though. The leftovers I brought home were snarfled up right quickly. And Opus’ panna cotta was so sweet and light it practically floated. Yum. I will definitely be hitting this place again.

Anyway. Other news? I changed the blog’s layout again. But I’m much happier with it now. Eventually I’ll get it to where I’m perfectly satisfied. Maybe. Hopefully, right?

Tomorrow night is Kol Nidre. Time to repent. I need to find something white to wear and pull out my tallis.

And Sunday is the Sheep-to-Shawl demonstration. I’ve borrowed a table loom from Opus’ mum (bless her), and she even gave me some wool warp. All I need to do is find the time to wind the warp and put half of it on – I’m thinking of leaving the other half off for the demo. We’ll see.

So much to do. Oy. Maybe Hashem will grant me some common sense in the new year. If I’m lucky ^_^


Thank you, guys! Everyone’s support and congratulations have been really encouraging. Hopefully, I’ll do something great with this opportunity. Or, you know, at least not screw it up too badly :)

As promised, the obligatory spocks-blocking photo:


(the stitch markers are being used in place of buttons, which I haven’t been given yet)

And the next set, the child’s knee-high spocks, after being ripped twice:


I discovered several errors in the pattern. My fault, no one else’s, I admit that. I also admit that I shouldn’t try to write unconventional patterns at 2 am. But, thank goodness, after a couple of false starts I’m almost to the left spock’s heel.  These will be done by Thursday.  Even if I have to kidnap another knitter to do it.

It’s a good thing these won’t be in my size.  It’s a widely known fact that I love ShiBui sock yarn.  But this Peony might be the undoing of me.  It is soooo delicious.  I really hated working on the Peacock.  It just wasn’t my colour.  The Peony, however, is.  Yumyumyum.

Now all I have to hope for is that the fourth time is the charm when writing children’s knee-high patterns.  My math has been so wonky lately.  Since when does 24 + 20 = 52?  Man, I need an editor.  But I refuse to send the pattern to Kristin (the ShiBuiKnits pattern queen) until I’m not ashamed to attach my name to it…

Heh.  Might be a while.

Or not.  I’m quickly getting sick of socks that button up.

And so must you be.  Other topics?   I flooded the garage today when doing the laundry.  My first load was fine.  The second?  Something must have gotten knocked into the drainpipe between loads… or I have imps… cuz, whoa!  Hurricane flashbacks.  With detergent.

Which meant I had to empty out the eastern half of the garage, drag relatives out of bed for help, and expose our dirty laundry to the neighborhood while we aired out everything.

Maybe I should stick to the knitting.   Or playing with the blog’s template.  Notice the Latin?  Sorry, couldn’t resist.  Gotta do something between pattern edits.   Other than flooding the garage.

Maybe I need a keeper.

progress, progress, progress

Thank you, everyone, for your well-wishes. I do feel much better today. Thank goodness, too, because if today had been like yesterday I would have jumped off of the Morrison Bridge. Oy.

Anyway, much progress has been made in: cleaning (boring), knitting (interesting), and formating the blog (eh). Several loads of laundry and a clean kitchen made me feel less guilty about fiddling with the blog today. If you go to the designs by fyberduck page, it’ll direct you to choose from gratis and carus patterns (free and… well, not-so-free). From there you can click on a project’s thumbnail and read a synopsis with a link to the PDF pattern.

Well, in the gratis section. I haven’t finished editing the Spocks pattern for Knit/ Purl yet, so it’s not linked (just listed). Some of the other patterns I’m planning on selling will be listed when I get them done.

If I ever get them done. (sigh)

First I’m working on all those free patterns I’ve promised that are still only half-finished.

Other news? Knitting. Right. This is a knitting blog (well, mostly), so readers might want to see some knitting progress, right? Here’s Iro as it basks in the sunlight, endlessly pleased that it’s not in the “abandoned projects” basket anymore:


Iro is an afghan that would be extremely ridiculous to knit, had I not stumbled onto the GREATEST Noro sale ever – 75% off. So, I grabbed 7 skeins of Noro’s Iro a 50/50 wool/ silk blend and planned on making either a really sumptuous shawl or afghan. The afghan won out somehow. I’m making up the pattern as I go, which isn’t the most comforting thought in the world – so I try not to think about it ^_^

And, ooooh, here’s Miss Lizzy’s Spencer blocking:


I finished the sleeve last night, and the picot edging. And since Emm is out of town, I’ve commandeered his bed. He’ll never know. Mwahaha. I’ve also promised to block Mum’s shawl on his bed this week.

Oh, I just remembered – reading news. I’m reading Knit Fast, Die Young. It’s not the best novel in the history of literature, but it’s definitely a step-up from the knitting mystery crap I’ve found thus far. Just thought I’d mention it. I’ve also been flipping through A Shropshire Lad and… oh, bugger, what was that other book? I’ve actually forgotten.

Clearly, it couldn’t have been too interesting, right?

Moving on. The Sinister Spinsters have been invited to demonstrate a Sheep-to-Shawl at this year’s Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. How cool is that? I’m hoping all of the BSG team can make it. I’ll need to step up my nagging, so I can get answers from everyone :) What’s really cool about it (other than showing off), is that the shawl we’ll make will be auctioned off to benefit one of the OFFF’s charity projects.

And, finally, one last bit of good news: as of today Sock Knitters Anonymous has 33 pairs of finished socks for August’s Sockdown Challenge. W00T! I am so glad I that I am not the only insane one on ravelry. And August isn’t even over yet. It would be so cool if we managed 50.

I want to go spin now.  A bien tôt.

chipmump cheeks

I present, for your amusement and my own humility, a picture of my chipmump cheeks (a chipmunk with mumps)…

Wow, could I look any more ridiculous?

Good news? I am finally able to eat hot/ real foods again. I just managed some mini mozzarella balls (bless Mum and her funky grocery lists). Mum’s even promised me lentil soup… I never thought I’d say it, but at the moment I never, ever, want to see (much less eat) ice cream again.

Other, knitting, news. 4 rows on the pair of Jaywalkers done. I’ve also swatched for the official wraplan pattern. And drawn up schematics (much appreciation for that term of mechanical drawing in high school). Since Emmos has offered to test the pattern for me, I’m waiting for her response to get to pattern writing.

The blog’s sidebars have been updated (long overdue). I got rid of the WIP list, because (let’s be honest) I’m bad at updating it and tons of smaller projects never made their way onto it. And, since the single FO list was becoming unmanageable, I went to the yearly FO lists that are so (understandably) popular across the blogosphere..

And, I think I’m going to sit and watch Dad and Emm roll up the carpets now (the area rugs are going up North tomorrow, I think). I’m a bit nauseous from the antibiotics and lovely opiates, and the puter isn’t making it better.

But, I think that’s everything.

Oh, and I LOVE this Shibui bag. Seriously. It deserves a post of it’s own.

getting there

no quote. tired.

  • updated the blog’s template again. likes it betters now.
  • children are fun in small doses (i.e. 1 hour a week tutoring)
  • eating out is so much more fun than eating without chairs at home
  • got to see Emmos and plot. we’re hosting/ planning TheBon’s bridal shower. mwa. ha. ha.
  • played with St M earliers. tks is fun.
  • we have some major cuteness walking around in tight t-shirts, painting and sanding stuff. I have no idea why my parents always seem to hire cute, young, guys for hard labor. maybe I’m reading too much into it?
  • the fish is annoyed with me. I can feel it.

And here’s something for your Classicist knitters out there, Yahoo! Avatars (no doubt because of ROME) has a bunch of Roman stuff to play with now:

Yahoo! Avatars