Little big update

It is not pattern news I bring today, but the happy (and overdue) update regarding my website. For a long (really, really long) list of reasons, I’m closing Rose City Knits down and moving everything over to my name. Aside from the need for name recognition in the design world, it’s also problematic from a contract perspective to host everything through a business without my name in it.

So, the transfer is still in progress; but, I feel confident enough in my new website to share.

The new homepage.
The new homepage.

It’s (obviously) not complete, but is up and working and getting the hits – which totally counts as a success for me :)

I’d love for you to take a look around and give me feedback. Suggestions are always welcome!

As for the sweaters, I really need to tie myself down to a chair and sew on some (10) darned buttons. And weave in ends. Finishing will be the end of me.

Here be winners!

Amazingly, there were quite a few entrants in this month’s contest (I’ve decided to do monthly contests, just for the fun) – so, yay!  Thank you, everyone, who entered.  Our lucky winners are:

  1. Sara P.
  2. Camille K.
  3. Michele B.

If you’re one of the speedy three, please let me know which Rose City Knits pattern (in addition to Vero Verto) you’d like to receive :D

(To keep things fair, next month’s contest will be a random drawing.)

In other news, if you’ve been watching my social media feed(s), you’re probably wondering why I keep posting #origamigraffiti

We-ell, I’ll be explaining that soon.  Plus releasing some new patterns.  Lots in the works here.  All I need is enough time to get it all done!

Mini Update: Rocket Pop Socks

While a longer, more in-depth update is long overdue, I am a little overwhelmed right now with the sheer quantity of work that piled up as I was being treated for an ass-kicking* kidney infection. So, just so’s to prove that I ain’t dead yet, I present a new pattern:


And that’s about all I got for now. If I haven’t responded to your message(s), I swear by the stash it’s on the To-Do List of Doom. Really.

*Posterior: mine


This one is short and sweet, but important.  I updated the Rose City Knits website, to include new information on classes and consulting.  What do you think?  Are there any classes you think I should add?

Also, how about the new blog template?  Yay or nay?

Oh, and this pattern is in progress (plus a super-secret special pattern that I can’t discuss – but looks A-MAZING!):

Rhea Silvia sneak peek 2

And Caulking is nearing the finish line, too. Slow and steady is better than not at all, amirite?

Brain… melt

I was going to blog about everything I’ve been promising to blog about, honestly, but after spending the past hour and a half fixing up the blog stylesheet so it would match the Rose City Knits website (which, incidentally, have you seen?), I’m not feeling too coherent.  And I’m not even done fixing it (gah :P)

My blogging habits are a work in progress, unfortunately.

Until I get some solid (post) writing time, I leave you with two sneak peaks:

My Courant Baby Blanket, designed for Shibui Knits (see even better photos herenote to self: post pattern on ravelry!  ack). I even made up the stitch pattern one evening while playing with some Staccato they’d given to me for experimentation.  My original idea was to find an attractive way of combining a solid color and a hand-painted colorway without it becoming overwhelming or garish.  Apparently, that was a success.

Then, two, what might be the next Rose City Knits pattern (maybe, there’s another two in the pipeline, and it’s all about which sample+pattern gets finished first!):

First person to guess what those squares will be is going to officially be Very Clever.  Incidentally, yarn is from Tactile Fiber Studio in the color “Dogwood”.  Not that will help you guess in any way :)

Until next time (which shall hopefully be quite soon), I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

Gawdawful tired.

It’s been a looong month since my last post.  I am just utterly and completely exhausted from my recent exploits.  Highlights (until a real post, maybe tomorrow):

  1. TPTB* went on vacation and I was left in charge of the store for three weeks.  Amazingly enough, it didn’t burn down, explode, or go out of business in that time.  I am, however, brutally exhausted from being ‘On’ and in charge(ish) for three weeks together.  Also, doing three peoples’ jobs at once didn’t help.
  2. I was interviewed on the radio/ a podcast, Knit Happens.  My coworkers actually listened to it live and didn’t mock me after.  I think I sounded like an idiot.
  3. Opus, Opus’s Mum, and I went on a road trip in search of fabric.  We found it.  Lots, in fact.  Did I take a picture?  Apparently not one that I can find…
  4. I had a spinning party with Opus and Co., during which we wound a skein that was 26 FEET in circumference.  Trust a weaver, a.k.a. Opus’ Mum, to figure out how to do something that crazy.
  5. Opus and I walked in Race for the Cure.  We also knit at the same time, proving we are not natural blonds.
  6. I taught Eva how to block a triangular lace shawl.
  7. I met a kitten named Mowgli.  Who I then took home.  (In my defense, it’s been a long month and it was a weak moment)
  8. Opus & Co. and I went to OFF&F, where we saw sheep, and goats, and a llama.

But there’s a lot more.  I’ll get to them later.  Until then, here’s some pretty for you:

I (heart) Fair Isle

Well, I think it’s pretty. It’s a Dale sweater for Tegan. Details later. Time for bed. With a kitten on my head.

*The Powers That Be.

In three weeks

Yeah, bad blogger, I know. In the last 3 weeks:

1.) I started adding Shibui Socks to ravelry (two patterns left)…

Shibui Socks Belmont (3)

2.) I finished and blocked my Ishbel:


Modeled here by Anna:


3.) Opus received a Golden Rose Award:

Opus shakes hands

4.) And the Jasmine went into overdrive:

Flora bunda

Also (#5), my ankle is slowly healing.  Too slowly, if you ask me.  I’m so bored.  Summer is traditionally my time to hike and do outdoorsy things.  Can’t do that right now.  Even with the Ankle Boot of Doom, I can only walk so long on level ground.

Three years ago today, I took a walk with Emm along the Willamette.  Interestingly enough, it was that same park that inspired a pair of socks my in upcoming booklet.  Which, incidentally, goes to press tomorrow.  Butterflies, me?


I just really want to go for a walk.

So, in other news, I’m actually taking a vacation for the first time in… uh, eighteen months.  While wearing the Walking Boot of Doom, yeah.  I’m just going to have to stay home and keep my foot up.  Lotsa fun, huh?

Time for dinner now.  Wow, been trying to write this post for two hours now.  Keep getting sidetracked.  I bought the entire series of Daria and we’re onto Disc 3.  The entire family has been sucked in.  At least I’m not stuck indoors alone.

Oooh, pizza.  Gotta go.  I’ll be better about posting this week.  Honest.


Waiting for a ride (just finished “No Mean Feet!” at the store), and thought I’d put up my newest wip:

Percy shawl wip

The Percy Shawl, knit with one 100g skein of Suri Blue in “Rose”. Love the pattern and the yarn, especially together.  If you’re a lace freak, I cannot recommend this pattern enough – the Estonian stitches are really, really cool.  And it’s proving to be a quick knit, too.  (It helps that all my commissioned knitting is done!)  I’m also going to cast on for the store’s Girasole KAL on Wednesday, so there’s going to be a lot of lace hanging around for the next few weeks (did I also mention that I found the yarn I bought for Icarus?!  I should probably wait to finish Percy before starting that, though…)

Anyway.  Ride should be here any minute, gotta run.

another belated apology post

I’m beginning to feel like a deadbeat blogger.  I suck at this whole timely posting thing lately.  Last Wednesday I was kidnapped by Opus after ditching her the night before the election to make up for, you know, ditching her.

Okay, I was kidnapped by my relatives on the 3rd, but that’s another story.  Opus understood, I think.

Anyway.  Instead of coming home and blogging, we went out to a bar and I had some medicinal liquor.  Seriously.  The night after Obama won?  I needed the alcohol.  We were freaking out and partying until the wee hours of the night and I had such a headache come Wednesday morning.

Anyway.  Because I was low on sleep and my blood-alcohol content was a bit higher than normal, I made the weirdest connexion and had to take a really awful camera-phone shot:


My latest design matched my margarita.

How odd is that?

Anyway.  Then this weekend came and, well, Miriam Felton was in town.  Saturday was spent catching up on all the sleep I missed this week and selecting a series of lace motifs I wanted to use the next day.  Sunday was awesome.  I was in a room with 8 other lace freaks for 6 hours and we had such a time.

I ended up with two halves of two patterns for two different shawls.   If that makes any sense, I’m shocked.  But Miriam liked my craziest pattern (a “modern” Shetland stole) enough to take a picture of the chart.  I’m maybe a third of the way through the design process.  Then I have to pick yarn.  Eeek!

To alleviate that stress (and pretend I didn’t chart another lace project in the class that I’m ignoring for the time being), I pulled out this monster.  Remember “this”?

This is my shame.  80% of a sweater, practically, has been sitting in my WIP basket for over a year.  A whole darn year I have had a back, two sleeves, and half a front.

Strangely enough, time and space really does make the heart (and hands) fonder.  6.5 sts/ inch?  Miles of stockinette?  Using pure silk yarn I’m afraid to touch until I’ve washed my hands?  Oh, it’s pure heaven after a year of wool, cotton and blends.  I’m actually enjoying this a lot.  A statement that can be proven with 4″ of front that wasn’t there yesterday.  Wow.

Maybe I’ll get most of the front done on Wednesday.  Opus and I both have the day off and will be taking off for the coast (woot!) to see Oddwater and just get into mischief.  I can’t wait.  A whole day off that won’t be entirely devoted to cleaning, designing (smite me, I said it), or laundry.

Speaking of laundry… I don’t have a clean pair of jeans for my spinning class tomorrow night.  I’m teaching the ladies how to card a fleece and will definitely be needing jeans for that lesson.  Better get on that now.  I’ll be back in a couple of days with funky fish photos and maybe some substantial progress to report.  Toodles.

things, they are a’changing

After a hellish day – catching up with 4 sick-days worth of work is never easy – I was nearly in tears when I found a parcel on my step. FluffyKnitterDeb, fellow admin and mod of Sock Knitters Anonymous, sent me a cheer-up gift:

Margarita Socks

A pair of socks knit using this month’s Mystery Pattern for Sockdown: Ravelry!

Where she gets the time to organize the group (I’m completely AWOL, I admit it) and knit mirco-gauge socks, I never will know. But I am deeply grateful for the thought and effort she put into them. Thank you, Debi! I might just wear these to work tomorrow.

Let’s see. We’re painfully overdue for an update, but… well, I’m in the midst of some crazy sh!t and don’t know where to start. I’ll just go over what’s taking up the most of my attention:

We’re officially another pair of hands short at work as of today. Details will be released later, when I can articulate fully.

We’re about to be another pair of hands short when J goes on Maternity Leave.

Now, those two things would be enough to make me panic were it also not for the fact that (deadline fast approaching) the Knit Purl Sock Club still hasn’t sold out. I’m beyond the panic stage. Admittedly, we’ve sold over half the spots, so that’s good. But, eep! If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Open application for Berkeley Business School begins on August 15 and I don’t have anything ready.  Now, even if I were to get accepted (not counting on anything), the term I’m applying for is Fall 09.  Time, at least here, is on my side.

I’m also behind on my New Designs schedule and can’t see the floor of the laundry room.

Someone, please, kidnap save me.

(I can even pay you in yarn.)