A top-down raglan with an offset button placket, to make both dressing babies easier and knitting for your (or another’s) little one more interesting. A little (optional) appliqué adds to the cuteness factor.


0 – 3 M, 3 – 6 M, 6 – 9 M, 9 – 12 M, 12 – 18 M, 18 – 24 M
Chest: 16 [18, 20, 22, 24, 26] inches
24 sts / 36 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch using US #4/ 3.5mm needles

Offset Wraplan (PDF)

© Sara Morris, a.k.a. fyberduck

Errata/ editing:

  • 9/9/07, Formating change & clarification of raglan increases.
  • 9/12/07, Schematic added.
  • 10/31/07, Sizing errors fixed and clarified.
  • 11/9/07, Collar instructions simplified.
  • 2/27/08, Needle size corrected.
  • 3/10/08, General fixing-up.
  • 7/28/08, hopefully the final edit – the collar decreases fixed.


  1. This is the cutest pattern I seen for boys on Ravelry, but I ran into a brick wall. It’s probably quite clear to most people, but I got to:
    “On next RS row: Knit to first stitch marker, put stitches between…. on waste yarn or stitch holder. *Before joining, CO 6 stitches*”
    and I am nearly pulling my hair out. I’ve put my stitches b/w one & two stitch markers onto a stitch holder and now I have no idea what is going on. What do I do with the stitches I have on my needle from “Knit to first stitch marker”? “Before joining CO 6 stitches” what am I joining to? Do I really not have to join seams later?

    Thank You in advance!

  2. Hi! I just started making the biggest size, and I found an error – it says to cast on 126 st, but the instructions for the first knit row after cast-on only add up to 124.

  3. I’m sorry if I’m being really stupid (quite possible!) but how do I see errata/editting you’ve done on this pattern? The download on Ravelry at least has one of the erratas in it that someone else noted so I’m a bit hesitant to start knitting it until I know I’ve got the final super version. Thanks.

  4. Anna that makes two really stupid people, but I don’t think we are. I too am confused. There’s a link from Ravelry – is that for the pattern minus errata? There’s also a link from Ravelry for errata… which takes to the designer’s webpage with a link to the pattern… which doesn’t indicate where corrections have been made.

    Does the pattern linked from Fyberduck’s site include the errata she has listed after the link?

    I have a copy of this pattern saved from a few months ago. Now I don’t know which pattern is correct and which has errors, the already saved one, the one on Fyberduck’s page, the one on Ravelry…

    Please, could an indication be put in the pattern to show where corrections were made, ie page number, line etc.

    Love this pattern, want to knit it, but want to be sure I’ve got the correct version of the pattern!

  5. I have a problem with the collar* – I am making the smallest size wraplan and 1) only have 88 stitches to pick up and 2) even if I had 90, the number of stitches to work with on Row 2 does not add up to 90.

    Also, when working row 3 – ie k1 p1, this does not make allowances for the ssk or k2tog. I could really do with some guidance.

    I have muddled through, but I’m not really happy with my finished product and the PDF on this site and on Ravelry are both the same. Where can I find the collar errata?

    Thanks in advance


    PS * I also have a problem with the schematic – the L-hand side arm measurement appears to be smaller at the bottom of the wraplan than at the top, but the distance they cover appears to be the same…

    PPS I do really like this pattern other than the issues above, and I am enjoying knitting it!

  6. Hi! I have a question about the instructions for the collar. For row 2 and all other even numbered rows – should these rows be purled? It seems like in order to make the ribbing the same on the collar as in the other places, the even numbered rows should be purled. Is that correct or am I confused?

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